Roland Garros

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Paris, France

Petra Kvitova

Press Conference

S. KENIN/P. Kvitova

6-4, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the conditions and also what you felt coming from Kenin today.

PETRA KVITOVA: Well, definitely the conditions were pretty abnormal, I would say. It was very, very windy. It was, like, turning around.

Was really difficult today, to be honest. So the conditions were not very nice. Obviously for my game, it's not really perfect.

But anyway, I think that Sofia played great tennis today. She was better on the court today. I was really trying to fight for every point. I was trying to still be in the match and still wait for the chance, which actually just came little small one, then she took it again.

Definitely she was playing very well today. She was moving very well actually. That was probably the key today. Yeah, she deserved to win for sure today. She was just better.

Q. Do you view this tournament as a great victory for you, given all the success you had?

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, for sure. I mean, being in a semifinal here, it was great achievement for me definitely. I'm very happy and glad and grateful for that, for sure.

I could be at home watching and not even play tennis anymore. So for me, just to be in the semifinal here in the Grand Slam, it's something real special. Even though loss is painful, which is normal and should be like this, I'm very happy how everything went.

The conditions weren't easy this year here. I'm really happy how I handle it, how I was prepared, moving good on the court.

Definitely everything was working pretty well. I'm really happy for my result here.

Q. Your coach Jiri said to us the other day he was very proud of you, that you never give up even though everything that's happened to you. It's your choice if you want to speak about that. How much of an effect has he helped you get to this point at Roland Garros and the Australian Open?

PETRA KVITOVA: I'm very happy that he said it. Actually, that's very nice of him.

I promised you guys when the tournament finished, I can look back, if you want. But I didn't want to do it before.

Yeah, I mean, I'm very pleased for everything I've been through in the last three years, four years. With Jiri, we are four years together. I think our work, it's on the good way, I would say. I think he helped me a lot with consistency, the mental strength, with the kind of believing in myself with the confident, which I was a little bit struggling maybe before.

I think that even now sometimes I do have the Plan B, too, on the court when I'm not really playing the best and everything. I'm able to find a way to win it. That's I think it's very important.

Yeah, he is very good guy. He's helping me a lot. I'm very happy that I have him in the team.

Q. You've got a final now with a 21-year-old and a 19-year-old. You played against a 17-year-old in Leylah Fernandez. Are you excited about these young players coming onto the scene? Particularly are you excited about sort of testing yourself and challenging them next year?

PETRA KVITOVA: Of course that I'm ready to challenging them. I don't want to give them free spot, for sure. I mean, none of us (smiling).

We are sure to do it. For sure I'm not ending my career yet, so that's how it is.

It will be exciting final actually, to be honest. I mean, Sofia really play great match today. I think she is kind of the favorite for sure as the No. 2 seed. I think she's No. 2 seed actually. I'm not sure, but I think so.

Yeah, I mean, Iga was playing unbelievable tournament so far. I mean, she beat Simona. Still she was able to find a way after that match. It will be very nice, very young final for sure. I'm curious who going to win, too.

Yeah, I will be back next year.


PETRA KVITOVA: Thank you (laughter).

Q. With everything that's going on and all the uncertainty in the world, what is your plan for the rest of the year? Do you have any goals going into 2021?

PETRA KVITOVA: It's pretty tough to predict something what will happen next year. This year I'm still entered to Ostrava, which should play. I know the situation in Czech is not perfect right now, so I will see what is there. We'll find out very soon.

Definitely I want to play some tournaments next year. I hope that there will be some. I'm going for that.

Q. You've told us that you're learning to love the clay even when it's not been the easiest option for you. I'm looking for some life advice, if that's okay. When should you follow your heart and when should you follow your head?

PETRA KVITOVA: When I'm going to follow my heart and my head? Interesting.

Q. Yes. What decisions should you make? Should you make a decision with the heart or should you make a decision with the head when it comes to matters of love?

PETRA KVITOVA: It's interesting question actually. It's tough for me to think about it right now.

But I'm person who is more thinking by the head. I would say that I should be decided by the heart, but it's pretty tough for me right now. Well, normally it is tough. Yeah, so I prefer heart, but for me it's tough.

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