Roland Garros

Monday, 31 May 2021

Paris, France

Lorenzo Musetti

Press Conference

L. MUSETTI/D. Goffin

6-0, 7-5, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You were able to sustain a pretty high level of play even though you have limited experience on this stage, against a player of that caliber. What do you give credit to?

LORENZO MUSETTI: Yeah, I mean, for me was the first time in a Grand Slam playing best-of-five. Nothing. Today I played a really, really good match. I was hitting the ball really with a lot of confidence from the first point. It was not easy to manage the win because at the end was getting complicated because David was returning so good in my service game.

Yeah, I stayed there with a lot of focus and I won one of my best tiebreaks. I played really well. Yeah, I'm really proud of myself.

Q. As he sort of raised his level at the end of the match, broke you a couple of times, how do you think you were able to hold your nerve, still come out in the tiebreak and play as well as you did?

LORENZO MUSETTI: I don't know. Honestly I don't know. I was a little bit under pressure when I was serving for the match. He was always returning like from the baseline really close to the line. He was giving me a lot of pressure.

I mean, I just stayed calm and tried to think at each point, like the last one. I tried to don't speak, don't talk. Yeah, it worked. I am happy about that.

Q. You've had a lot of success against top-20 players now. What is it for you that is the key to be able to beat these top players when you're relatively inexperienced?

LORENZO MUSETTI: I think this is the proof that I have the level, this level. Sometimes when I am not focused and not playing really good, of course my level is not like today.

For sure I am playing better when I'm without pressure because today, I mean, I was playing with really relaxed. Of course, it was not easy to win even if I was relaxed. When you play against the 13 in the world, is not the same thing of playing like one worst than you with the ranking that you must win.

For me today was not a must to win. It was doing experience and stuff like that. I took the win and I'm really proud of what I did.

Q. Over the past eight months you've had a lot of challenges, a lot of big matches on big stages where people would feel pressure. How are you able to go in as relaxed as you are?

LORENZO MUSETTI: I think the juniors career helped me a lot. I was always playing with pressure, especially when I won the Australian Open juniors. I mean, the pressure from medias and from other things grown a lot. I started to manage the pressure when I was young.

Now I'm still young, but I am a little bit more experienced than before. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. I repeat: I'm still young so I need to learn a lot of things and improve every day.

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