Roland Garros

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Paris, France

Aslan Karatsev

Press Conference

A. KARATSEV/J. Brooksby

6-3, 6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Brooksby, of course, has had this incredible run at the challenger level this year, sort of similar to how you did towards the end of last year. So how much did you know about him, and how difficult was it going on court playing a guy who just won three matches getting through qualifying?

ASLAN KARATSEV: To be honest, I don't know this guy. I never saw him before. But, yeah, I heard that he played, he win a couple of challengers in a row. Yeah, he passed quallies.

So for me was the main target just to start to feel more the game, to get the rhythm, and to close it as fast as possible. I mean, because it's long match, try to close the match in three sets. Yeah.

Q. Obviously you have had a lot of success since Australia -- Dubai, Belgrade, all those different events -- but how different does it feel entering as a seeded player compared to Australia this year?

ASLAN KARATSEV: It's good. I mean, when you're seeded, you always get unranked opponents, so give you opportunity to feel more the game, to get to the rhythm, to play couple matches more, and then you just face the seeded players. Yeah. That's it.

Q. How much do you enjoy playing on clay? I mentioned that challenger run you had last year which was on clay. Obviously you did well in Belgrade. What's your sort of preferences as far as surface goes?

ASLAN KARATSEV: Well, I think I play all surfaces. But, yeah, I like to play on clay that you have to really build a point. It takes you long time. It's not about just the serve.

So I had few weeks ago I play against Opelka, but he was really serving unbelievable. I had also had chances there, but still, clay you mostly play with a long rally, you have to build up the point.

I like it. I like it. I don't have any preference. I mean, I play also on hard court, I think I play well. And when the time comes to play on clay, I prepare myself for clay.

Q. How important do you feel is it to just focus on the match in front of you? Of course more people are paying attention to you now. But are you just sort of in your zone and focusing on the person right in front?

ASLAN KARATSEV: Can you repeat, please?

Q. Sure. Now that there is a lot more attention on you, are you just sort of focusing on the next player, next match, instead of worrying about all of that stuff?

ASLAN KARATSEV: No, I mean, just focusing to practice, to recover well, and to be ready for my next opponent. I mean, it's not like -- yeah, the people around, they text me a lot, and there is a lot of talking around. But, yeah, I try to focus on my job and to do the things in the right moments. So yeah.

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