Roland Garros

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Paris, France

Sorana Cirstea

Press Conference

S. CIRSTEA/M. Trevisan

6-4, 3-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You have come a long way from where you were in Istanbul when you talked about how you really weren't excited about being on the clay. Now you've got a title, you've got a final, you've got third round Roland Garros. Are you starting to now expect success on clay?

SORANA CIRSTEA: I think I am quite lucky in a way that I can adjust very quickly and I can play good on any surface. So I think throughout my career I had good results on all surfaces, but of course if you ask me, I would always choose hard court with my eyes closed (smiling).

But, you know, I think tennis, it's about adapting. It's about finding a way. Yeah, I thought at the end of the hard court season I was playing quite well, so I was a bit sad when we had to go back on the clay. But now I think I'm starting to feel quite comfortable on this surface again and finding my rhythm.

It's been a good clay season except that injury that put me back a few weeks. All good now.

Q. All good now?

SORANA CIRSTEA: All good now.

Q. Do you have fond memories of reaching the quarterfinals here in 2009? Is that still in your heart?

SORANA CIRSTEA: Yes, definitely. I think as a tennis player you always have certain memories that you carry with yourself throughout your career. I do remember specific things. Other ones I don't remember. I think memory is quite selective.

Even if it's been quite a long time since then, I felt always Roland Garros was special, you know. I have had a few third rounds where unfortunately I lost to the champion. I think one time to Serena, one time to Li Na. So it was more than that quarterfinal for me when I think about French Open.

Q. What would you say about your performance today? What did you like most about fighting through and getting that victory against Martina?

SORANA CIRSTEA: I think you said already: fighting through. For me this is the proudest thing out of today, and I'm proud of myself with the way I fought.

Yes, tennis-wise maybe was not my best match, but I think sometimes you can compensate with the heart and the will. I'm proud that today I found a way to win a match that was quite difficult. I thought she played very, very well. Was high-level match.

Of course some mistakes from my part, but I'm glad I stayed there. I think I won this match with the heart, not with the racquet.

Q. We have talked a bit about your past and the success you have, but Istanbul you talked a little bit about how you feel refreshed and how you have reconnected with your love of the sport. So I ask you this: Do you feel like you're ready to make some new memories, even better ones perhaps?

SORANA CIRSTEA: Yes, definitely. I think for me, like I said, I have said it many times, COVID, it changed my life in a good way. I see things differently, and I'm much more mature.

I take it day by day now. I don't go ahead too much, you know, and I try to enjoy being in the moment, in the now, because you never know what more tomorrow will bring. I think this new mentality for me, it's working very well and it's also making me enjoy today and be present, be in the moment.

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