Roland Garros

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Paris, France

Mihaela Buzarnescu

Press Conference

S. WILLIAMS/M. Buzarnescu

6-3, 5-7, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What are your thoughts about playing Serena? How close did you feel you got to really threatening her out there?

MIHAELA BUZARNESCU: Yeah, it was really, for me, it was like a dream for a long time to play against her, because since I was young I was following her and her sister. Was always like, let's say, like a goal to play against such a legend.

Before my match I really, like, put this apart and said, It's a match, so I have to play against a player as any other player and I have to focus on my game and just try my best and see the result at the end.

I just think that I had a good match today. It's always tough to play against a player as her with such a tough serve and very powerful shots. I was really a bit disappointed at the end of the match. I couldn't finish some of the points that could have given me more chances in the final set.

She also pulled it out very well. I mean, she's much more experienced than me. You know, I just wanted so much to play well and to win a match like this that maybe, I don't know, I should have just like think less a bit or take point by point. She had some good shots in the third set, hitting some very good lines. We had also together some very nice points that we made.

I mean, the score in the third set doesn't say that much, because I just feel that we had really good shots and good games. I'm really happy to be here in this position, and I really hope I can have better matches in the future and that I'm coming back after my injury and I can be back in the level that I had in two, three years ago.

Q. You have been through so much in your career to come back to this level and be on that court today. She's 39 years old, almost 40. She's still playing. Do you feel you have things in common in terms of how you feel about the game and your approach to it and how much you care about it?

MIHAELA BUZARNESCU: Well, we are both players that are having an offensive game. She likes to be aggressive in her shots, and I also like to be aggressive in my game. Even if I'm a lefty, this has been always my game.

I'm really proud and happy that she is showing to the world that you can play in a very good level at this age. I have been asked before about her, what do I think about this also in some interviews, and I have always said that no matter what age you are, as long as you feel so well on the court and you want to play tennis, just play until you're the one who decides.

For me, it shows that you can do it. So I'm also, you know, not so young myself, and I also have the same thoughts that as long as I will be healthy, I want to play, because I know that I'm not done with this sport. I really want to play as much as I will be healthy and will feel good.

I'm really happy, and hopefully we will meet again in the future tournaments.

Q. In terms of adjusting to her game, you have never played her before but watched her. It seemed like in the first set the serve really overwhelmed you and some of the power, and then you adjusted. Was that what it was, just adjusting to her level and pace?

MIHAELA BUZARNESCU: She's one of the best servers in the female tennis, so it's always tough to play against her, even, you know, doesn't matter if she's having her best days or not her best days.

It took me a while to see better the game and to see a different. That's why maybe it made a difference in the first set. I was able in the second set and also in the third -- as I said before, the score, even if it was 6-1, it doesn't say because we had some good shots. I mean, okay, she broke me few times. Maybe this is what counts a lot. I probably have to work more on my serve as well to be more aggressive and try to take advantage on my serve more, so I have to work a little bit more on that.

It's also not easy after having a surgery on my shoulder to have the same confidence in my serve, but working my ass for that (smiling). It's just that, yes, it's tough. It's tough. I mean, all the congrats for her for being all here and playing well.

Yeah, I really hope in the future I'll be able to see better from the beginning.

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