Roland Garros

Saturday, 5 June 2021

Paris, France

Marta Kostyuk

Press Conference

M. KOSTYUK/V. Gracheva

6-1, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You said earlier in the tournament after I think your first-round win or so that you were trying not to get too high after these wins and keep things very level. How do you think that you've handled that through the first week, and has it been hard?

MARTA KOSTYUK: Well, to be honest, like I only played three matches this week, but it feels like a lot more. It's been quite a roller coaster, I'd say, because it's a little bit unusual for me to play -- like I played a match, then two days off, then a match, then day off, then a match, now again day off. It was like really weird rhythm, but it was like different emotions because first match I was underdog, second match I'm the one who's supposed to win, and today I was also the one who was supposed to win.

I don't know, I just really -- I tried to find a balance because being too relaxed, like oh, yeah, I'm a favorite in the match, I beat these girls, like I can beat them too now, it's way too confident I'd say. But as well going on the other side, saying like oh, my God, I don't know what to expect from myself, I don't know what to expect from them because also not a good idea because you still need to believe in yourself and know that you will beat these girls.

I don't know, it was honestly okay. I was really like going for every match separately, so it was a good one.

Q. Does it feel different to be in the fourth round as opposed to the third?

MARTA KOSTYUK: Well, to be honest, it's like the first time I'm playing a Slam being like pretty high ranked because all the other times I was like -- one time I was 500th in the world, the other time I was 130 in the world. It feels a little bit different, but it also feels different in the way that I'm not coming here as like a talented young girl like beating high-ranked players, higher ranked players. I'm actually the one this time that is supposed to win.

Honestly in my head I don't feel like I'm in fourth round at all. It's just another win for me. It's just another match for me on Monday. But it honestly doesn't feel like I'm in the fourth round. Like I don't even have the feeling.

Q. It's only your fifth main draw in a Slam if I'm not mistaken. Do you feel in your mind more like a veteran already in some ways?

MARTA KOSTYUK: I feel like what?

Q. A veteran, somebody who's been around a while already, or do you feel more like a newcomer still?

MARTA KOSTYUK: I don't know. To be honest, already for my age I have pretty long career already. It's been almost four years I'd say.

You know, I've been through many things in the last couple years, and I don't feel like I'm the one who's like veteran, but I honestly don't feel myself as this young little girl anymore that is just an underdog everywhere, because for example, Camila Osorio Serrano, she passed the quallies here and she lost the first round to Brengle, and I saw the coach and I asked, How was it, and he said, Yeah, she put a lot of pressure on her. I said, Listen, it's going to be okay. Like she's going to be fine. She's going to go over it. It's going to pass.

It's something that you learn throughout the tries, kind of throughout the Slams or just throughout the tournaments, and I'm glad I'm very young but already know what it feels like.

Q. I know it's not good to look ahead to the next round until it's over, but Iga has a tough match with Anett today. If you were to play Swiatek, what's your history with her and what's your feeling about that match?

MARTA KOSTYUK: So I played her once in 2017. I lost to her in the finals of grade 1 in Australia and then next week I won the Slam and she lost in first or second round, I don't remember, to the girl that I beat in the semifinal of the first tournament. I remember everything really well.

I don't know, all I remember is that honestly she killed me. She beat me like 6-3, 6-3 but I was pretty tired by the end of the tournament, and I was like -- I wasn't really feeling it that day, and I was like, okay, I'm not even going to fight because I have a Slam, and Slam is more important. So see, I had the right feeling.

I don't know, I played her once, never practiced with her. I know she's very aggressive player and you have to be aggressive with her, as well.

I probably leave all the tactics to my mom. She's just going to tell me easy things, what I should do and like guide me. There's not much I can say. I never really like watched her play, and that's it.

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