Roland Garros

Monday, 7 June 2021

Paris, France

Ons Jabeur

Press Conference

C. GAUFF/O. Jabeur

6-3, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Ons, hard luck. You spoke about turning the page now and getting ready for Wimbledon, but what about your plans for the Olympic Games in Tokyo? You are going to be there? You still make your decision? What do you think, if you go, are your chances of representing Tunisia in this big event?

ONS JABEUR: Yeah, step by step, because grass is before the Olympics, so now I'm going to prepare for grass.

Definitely going for the Olympics, and I'm gonna be ready probably we will play one tournament before on hard so I can be ready. But, yeah, I cannot wait. I have my T-shirt and skirt ready for the Olympic Games with the Tunisian flag, and it's very important to me to represent Tunisia.

Q. Can you tell me what you thought of Coco's serving today?

ONS JABEUR: I think she never served like this before, and that was her best day today (smiling). No double fault is amazing, and I'm glad that she's finding the rhythm in the serve. It was very hard for me to return today.

But, I mean, honestly, not really a lot of things to regret. Just the next time I need to find solution when a player plays like this and plays really good, but I'm learning, you know. It's the process. It's tennis. I think she deserve to win today, and I will have to get back to work and be able to be stronger.

Q. I didn't quite make out what you were saying in French, but you were asked about Coco's chances of potentially winning the title. Do you think she's in good enough form to potentially challenge Iga if they meet?

ONS JABEUR: She's playing really good, I've got to say. But you never know. Iga is playing really well. It's gonna be an interesting matchup, that's what I said, if they're going to meet in the semifinal. Honestly, if she's not gonna win it now, she's probably gonna win another time.

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