Roland Garros

Friday, 11 June 2021

Paris, France

Luca Van Assche

Press Conference


7-5, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Tell us your emotions for reaching your first Grand Slam final.


Q. Your emotions about getting into the first Grand Slam final.

LUCA VAN ASSCHE: Yeah, I'm very happy to be in the final. It was a tough match. I'm really happy to have the win at the end against a really good player.

Q. It's only your second Grand Slam at the junior level. What has been working so well for you this week? Why are you at such a high level?

LUCA VAN ASSCHE: Yeah, it's my second Grand Slam. I played last year against a big player. He did final after.

This week I'm playing very well. I played two weeks ago, I played the qualifications of the senior. I learned a lot from that. I'm improving every day. I have confidence in myself. That's why I think I'm winning matches.

Q. Your thoughts of four French boys in the semifinals and your thoughts on the final against Arthur?

LUCA VAN ASSCHE: Yeah, it was incredible to be four French players in semifinal. It's like three friends of mine. I like them. We are friend.

Tomorrow, yeah, we play against Arthur. I know him very well since a lot of time. We will enjoy this final. I think it will be a great match.

Q. Whatever happens on the weekend, you'll be able to say you made a Grand Slam final. Was that a particular goal for your junior career?

LUCA VAN ASSCHE: Yeah, it was a goal. It was my goal in the beginning of the tournament. I was playing match by match. But at the end I really wanted to be in the final.

Now I'm in the final so I will enjoy it.

Q. Did the experience of playing Henri Laaksonen in qualifying for the main draw? Did that help you in juniors?

LUCA VAN ASSCHE: Yeah, it help me a lot because I learned a lot from this match. I saw that I have the level of these players because he did, like third round in the main draw after. It was a close match against Laaksonen. I can see that I have the level from these guys. I have a lot of confidence after this tournament. I was ready to play this tournament and here now for the juniors. So, yeah, it helped me a lot.

Q. There's a good generation of girl players, too. Do you have any experience with them? What do you expect from their future as well?

LUCA VAN ASSCHE: The future of the girls?

Q. Yes.

LUCA VAN ASSCHE: I don't know. They were number one in the world. Last year was Elsa, the year before it was (indiscernible). I don't know them very well. I think that they're working with lot to be at the top. I hope for them that they will be very, very good for the French tennis.

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