Roland Garros

Sunday, 22 May 2022

Paris, France

Harmony Tan

Press Conference


6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Thank you for coming to speak to the journalists. So what happened after the break that you had in the first set?

HARMONY TAN: Well, she started to up her game and pick up the pace and hit the ball a bit faster. At the beginning it was a little slower, and she started to really have her eye on the ball and she also became more familiar with my game, so there you have it.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. There are a lot of points that ended up at the net, is this something that disrupted you or how did you face this?

HARMONY TAN: Yes, because we already played against each other last year in her home country in Bogota and I knew that she had a very varied game and she knows how to do everything. She has a good hand and, yes, there was quite a lot of, she brought me up to the net quite a lot, I was expecting that, but she managed the game really well in that way.

Q. You really gave the impression that in the first set at 4-2 you had the upper hand and the tactical keys to the match. Do you think that she just upped her game?

HARMONY TAN: Yes, she really upped the level of her game. She started off a little bit more, a little bit slowly to begin with, she was not hitting the balls as hard, and in the middle of the set she started to really let loose and she played really well today.

Q. We found a bit that you were frustrated, you were looking towards your camp, are these things that couldn't you get things right, what was your feeling at that point?

HARMONY TAN: Yes, I was frustrated at one point in the middle of the first set, but then I looked at my team because it really helps me mentally. I don't really have any regrets with regard to this match because I did make some mistakes, but at least I was there.

Q. Could you say something to us about your work with Sam, how do you do the work and how does this help you, I don't think I don't know how long you've been working together.

HARMONY TAN: We've been working together since the end of November, that's when we started working together and we did our winter season together in Paris and we've been working every week since February now practically. So actually we work together really well because he brings me all of his experience on the circuit because I've integrated the top 100 in February and it's the first time that I've been playing as many big tournaments.

So at the beginning it is rather tricky, but I can feel that I'm making progress and I'm a better player than last year and I think that in the middle of the year things will go well because I can feel my game developing.

Q. We can see that you did a few good backhands in the match. Is that the sort of thing you're working on with him, maybe being a little bit more aggressive in your game? Is that the sort of thing that you're talking about, maybe you can go into more detail.

HARMONY TAN: I think that, yes, we've upped the aggressiveness in the game and, yes, so we're working on the backhands. And I try to vary my game in the different zones and I try and use these tactics in the match, but I need to be more offensive, go up to the net more often and that's what we're trying to establish there.

Q. A question on the audience. Roland Garros is now full and the Court 14 filled up quickly for your match, you would no doubt have liked to have lasted longer, but it must make the players happier.

HARMONY TAN: Yes, when I came on to the court I was surprised that there was so many people in the audience, it was almost full, I think. And they encouraged me a great deal during the match, which really helped me a lot, especially for the important balls in the ends of the sets. Yeah, we hadn't had that sort of atmosphere in the tournaments for so long.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much, Harmony.

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