Roland Garros

Sunday, 22 May 2022

Paris, France

Sorana Cirstea

Press Conference


6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: We'll start with English questions. Sorana, tell us a little bit about the match today.

SORANA CIRSTEA: Yeah, I think I had a solid performance today. I think I served well and I was playing quite aggressive, coming to the net a lot, but in the same time trying to play smart because she's always a very, very tricky player.

So overall I'm happy with my performance.

Q. What was the atmosphere like and after a couple of years, because of COVID, where there were very few fans here, what it was like having spectators back?

SORANA CIRSTEA: Yes, definitely. I think that's one of the nicest things about getting back to normality. Just before going on court I could see all the courts and all the courts were full, everyone had full crowd. That was very, very nice to see.

It's always much better to play in front of a full crowd or the atmosphere, it's much, much different. And I think I am very grateful to be able to play with fans a lot. I think they are a big part of the sport.

Q. You are probably playing maybe the best years of your career, at least the most consistent one in the last couple of years. Why do you think that is happening at the moment with you and what's your goals for this first week of the French Open?

SORANA CIRSTEA: Yeah, I think, I mean, I was always a player that could play quite well, but I think in the past and especially when I was younger I was taking the losses a bit, they were hurting a bit too much, where now I am much more relaxed, much more in peace. Okay. I lose a match, okay, doesn't matter. Okay, next day we are back at the practice court, nothing changed, the world did not end.

So I think it's just a different perception, you know. And it came with experience and realizing that as tennis players we are in a lucky position where you have a new opportunity every week. So you cannot change what happened last week, so why bother, you know. Try to learn and then just go forward with the positive mindset.

So I think that was probably the biggest change.

Q. There's a new tournament director here this year, Amelie Mauresmo. I wanted to ask both in terms of her specifically, what your thoughts are on having a former top player and coach, et cetera, in that position, and also what you think about the idea of there being a woman as the tournament director, which is unusual.

SORANA CIRSTEA: Yeah, first of all, I think I have a funny story and I have a funny picture with Guy Forget, the one that was before. I remember I played my first tournament outside of the country in France when I was 7 years old. So I have a picture with him since I was 7 years old.

And then I thought he was doing good job and then having Amelie, I think it's great for tennis. She's a big name, she has experience. She's been a player, she's been a coach, she's been in the behind-the-scene organizing. So I think she can see all the points of view. She can understand everyone.

Because sometimes, you know, the players would want something, the organization would want something, and that's when sometimes we choke. And I think she can make a nice transition.

I'm very happy for her. She's always a very wonderful person and I think it's great to have her as the tournament director.

Q. I saw Goran Ivanisevic watching your match on court. He was pretty much into it and rooting for you. I don't know if you realized and if there's something you can say about that.

SORANA CIRSTEA: Yeah, he came at one of my practices two days ago and I had -- I don't know if I should say this. So basically I just asked for his help and I was lucky enough to get an hour of his time. So he did spend that hour with me on the court two days ago and I talked with him a little bit about what's going through my head and just tennis talk easy.

It was a very, very pleasant hour. And today I was very surprised to see him because I know he's very busy with Novak. But he was very, very kind to be there. And yeah, I was happy to see him there and he's just been giving me a few tips and tricks from a Grand Slam champion, and as a coach of No. 1, and someone that has so much experience. I'm very grateful and very lucky to have the chance to spend that hour on court with him.

But that was all it was, it was just an hour of fresh eyes and just a bit of tennis talk and a different perspective.

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