Roland Garros

Sunday, 22 May 2022

Paris, France

Magda Linette

Press Conference

M. LINETTE/O. Jabeur

3-6, 7-6, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: You have defeated one of the second-favorite players to win this tournament. How does this feel?

MAGDA LINETTE: Well, I think it was really tough match from even, you know, knowing the draw, because you knew how difficult Ons is going to be. I lost to her last year here, and then this year in Miami, and so I kind of knew what to expect.

I had some sort of a plan, but I just knew that she was really on fire this time and I would just really need to play point by point, be really mentally tough. Even if it doesn't go my way, just stick in there and I will get another, another chance.

I'm really happy that I managed to stay really calm and strong, especially in my head.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English?

Q. I wanted to ask you about dropshots. Obviously Ons uses them often and to great effect, but you seemed quite prepared. Could you speak to your ability to respond to her dropshots? And then you hit several of your own, and I'm wondering the significance of the dropshot in your game, when you use it, how you developed it.

MAGDA LINETTE: Well, dropshot was always in my game, and I really feel it. So I just knew I need to choose a really good moment. She was running really far back, making it very uncomfortable, attacking all the time, giving me extra balls. So I knew I need to do something, bring her in.

I think oftentimes people play what they really don't like to, you know, that somebody else would do it to them. So I just tried, you know, choose really good moment and go for it, first of all, so she doesn't run so far back. Second, I just felt like she might not like it, as well, and it really worked.

I'm glad that I was patient enough in the rallies, and I was just picking right moments. I think that was the key.

Q. You played Fed Cup obviously with Iga earlier this year, and her success, how that's influencing other Polish players and what the atmosphere is like back in Poland around tennis now.

MAGDA LINETTE: To be honest, I'm not sure how is the atmosphere because I wasn't in Poland since the Fed Cup, and that was my only week.

But I think seeing how many people came, I mean, it was completely sold out for her, so I think it's something amazing for us. I think it's first time we have No. 1, first time Grand Slam champion.

I think people were scared of Agnieszka was retiring, and now I think it's something amazing that we have something even better and possibly for longer period of time. On the other hand we have Hubert who is also doing unbelievable.

I really hope our country will use it in a good way. It will, first of all, tennis will develop. And second of all, we will have more facilities, more tournaments, and people become more interested in tennis.

Obviously I hope it's going to be more available, you know, to people that don't have as much money as it's still quite expensive in Poland. I really hope that's going to be used in a right way.

Q. A question away from the match. I think you were involved in the WTA Player Council discussion this week, which has been a big news story. Wondered for you personally if there is no ranking points at Wimbledon, does that make it less appealing to go and play there?

MAGDA LINETTE: I think it's tough to say, "less appealing," really. I think everybody, for me, I'm losing points from third round. Obviously it's going to affect me in some way. But I try not to really focus on it too much, and it's Roland Garros right now. I'm here. I just had a really tough match.

I'd rather try to take it week by week and not really think about if Wimbledon will be less appealing. I don't really think about it that way. Never even came to my head, to be honest (smiling).

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