Roland Garros

Monday, 23 May 2022

Paris, France

Amanda Anisimova

Press Conference


7-5, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: You are the second player with the most wins so far this season on clay. Can you speak a bit about that success.

AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Thank you. I saw that the other day, and I'm pretty happy. I didn't realize that until I saw it.

Yeah, it's been good, and I have been playing well, back-to-back tournaments, so I'm just happy with the way I have been performing.


Q. You have had success against her in Australia obviously but what were the nerves sort of like before a first-round Grand Slam match against Naomi Osaka? It was a rough draw for her getting you, but obviously it's not a great draw for you either, getting an unseeded player and then it's a four-time slam champ?

AMANDA ANISIMOVA: No, it was very difficult. Especially like a lot of anticipation over the last couple of days. I was trying not to think about it too much, but going into the match, I did feel like the stress and the nerves a bit, because it is a very tough first round. I'm just happy with how I was able to manage it and get through it.

Q. You always seem to play your best tennis here at Roland Garros, so you love playing on the clay. But I wonder, is there a secret to your success off the court? Is there something special you do at Roland Garros, any superstitions, any favorite foods, anything you wear, or is it just great tennis?

AMANDA ANISIMOVA: I do love the courts here and the surface. The clay is very nice, so that's something I really enjoy about Roland Garros. I really like the atmosphere and the crowd. It's just fun to play here, and it's a very nice Grand Slam. It's always a pleasure to be here.

Q. On previous tournament press conference, Naomi said that playing on the clay against you might be better for her compared to playing on the hard court because she can use like a heavy ball, like more spins, but result is kind of easier for you. So how did you feel about playing Naomi on the clay?

AMANDA ANISIMOVA: I would say the conditions were tough today, because of the rain it was very heavy. So I was kind of expecting her to play that way. But I just was trying to stay aggressive and keep going for my flat shots, because that's what I thought would help me get the win today.

Yeah, it was a bit tricky for me because it was harder for me to play my game. Yeah, it was just tough conditions and I think it was just a tough match for both of us today.

Q. You had that breakout semifinal here in 2019 with obviously the winner, the defending champion, Halep, and then you played Barty so closely. What are your memories of that run and did you draw on that at all when you came into this match?

AMANDA ANISIMOVA: No, because I have played this tournament twice since then, so it's been a while back. But it's good going into this tournament knowing that I was so close back then and just having a very good run, so I know it's in me.

Yeah, I just have a lot of confidence right now with all the tournaments that I have played so far, so I'm just happy. Yeah, I'm looking forward to next round.

Q. With this victory under your belt, what level of confidence do you have as you proceed into the tournament with your next opponent and beyond that?

AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, I think it's important for me. Start preparing for the next round because of how much I was just trying to mentally prepare for this first round. So, yeah, I just have to, you know, start fresh and get a good practice in tomorrow and get ready for the next one.

Q. You were talking about a lot of anticipation of this match, what does that actually like consist of? What are those thoughts running through your mind in the previous days that are maybe an overload at times?

AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Well, just like in the back of my head, like I know that I'm going to be playing Naomi, just trying to prepare myself as best as possible, and just knowing that I have to, you know, play very well. Yeah, I really want to get past the first round, so it's tough.

Yeah, it's important to try and not think about it too much.

Q. Just more than a normal first round would be?

AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, it is, yeah.

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