Roland Garros

Monday, 23 May 2022

Paris, France

Bianca Andreescu

Press Conference

B. ANDREESCU/Y. Bonaventure

3-6, 7-5, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Good comeback win for you today. How did you feel you did?

BIANCA ANDREESCU: The match was definitely all over the place for me. I feel my nerves at the beginning got the best of me. I was pretty nervous coming into the match. I really wanted to do well at controlling that.

I think I did well, but maybe my tennis wasn't there as I would like it. But also, she played amazing tennis. She really executed the right tactics.

I really had to regroup and reassess all my tactics, as well, because I feel some of the things I was doing wasn't working so well, and then, you know, just kind of re-evaluating during the match. Adapting is super important. I think I did that.

So I'm really happy with how it turned out at the end.


Q. For a set and a half there, no matter what you did, high balls, low balls, anything, it seemed as though nothing bothered her at all. There wasn't much left. You didn't dropshot much or come to the net much but she was blasting everything on the baseline. How did you stay patient enough for when that opportunity came eventually at the end of that second set and not lose your stuff.

BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, I almost did at one point. But I really had to keep my cool because, yeah, she was playing super well. I feel like I was doing everything, to be honest. I was trying a bunch of things, and sometimes, you know, your opponent is just playing really, really good. So that's why I had to adapt.

At one point I just said, F it, and I started going for more because I feel that was the only thing I could do. I feel like I was doing that at the beginning, but then she kind of caught on and started doing other things. That's why I said it was kind of all over the place.

But when I really stayed committed to putting more pressure, that's when I feel like she also lost her cool, and I just kept increasing my level.

Q. We saw you often in your career coming back from one set down and winning. How do you explain this trend you have?

BIANCA ANDREESCU: Maybe it's from experience from having so many of those matches. I really don't know. Tennis is such an unpredictable sport. You can play really good one day, and then the next day you could be also playing very good but your opponent could just be playing better.

So I try not to only focus on myself, but I really gave credit to her during the match, because sometimes I feel like I just focus on myself and I tell myself, Oh, you're playing like crap, when in reality the other person is just playing really well.

I try to keep my composure as much as I can, and I always tell myself, It's never over till it's over.

Q. You have made a conscious decision over the last few years to spend time doing other things outside tennis, as well. What have you learnt about yourself in that time? Has that given you a different perspective before Roland Garros?

BIANCA ANDREESCU: Uh-huh. Yeah, I feel that my whole life was just tennis, tennis, tennis. I guess it got to me last year. I mean, I was doing other things, as well, during my career, obviously, but just taking that time away from the sport is completely different.

I mean, I learnt a lot, for sure. I learnt that I truly love the sport and I'm very passionate about it. I really learnt how to persevere more and to become more patient. I learnt how to love myself better, that's super important for me. No matter what I'm going through I always want to have that as like a base.

Learning how to love the process, as well, because tennis is not an easy sport. I don't think any sport, any professional sport is easy. So learning to love the process is super, super crucial for me. I feel like I'm doing really well with that.

Q. Are your nerves out of the way now? Coming up is Belinda Bencic. Have you gotten the fluttery stuff out of the way and it can be back to just being a tennis tournament?

BIANCA ANDREESCU: I really hope so. I think for me every first match of a tournament is a bit shaky in a way because of my nerves, and like holding your ground, trying to find foot and trying to figure out the environment and all that.

So I hope that this match will definitely help me prepare for the next one. I really hope so.

Just chill, guys. I just want to check it (smiling).

Q. I'm sure there is a lot you missed about tennis over the last six months but this is your first Grand Slam match in a long time. Have you missed the biggest tournaments and the biggest stages like more than everything else? Because you are kind of a big-stage player, or that's how people think of you.

BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, I like to think as that myself, as well, because, I mean, these are kind of like the most important tournaments of the year. So coming here and performing at your best is everyone's goal.

Being back here and, you know, having another opportunity to showcase that is truly a great feeling for me. Roland Garros is a beautiful tournament, so I'm really happy.

Q. When there is a long rain delay like today and it's literally all the courts except center court, are you able to find a spot to be alone, or is it chaotic? What's a rain delay look like on day 2 of a slam?

BIANCA ANDREESCU: I actually didn't think it was that chaotic. I was in the gym for a bit. There weren't that many players. I think a lot of them went to the locker room. I just chilled in the gym a little bit and went to one of the private physio rooms.

The tournament did a really good job with having a little area. I think there are beds near transport here where you can just chill and relax. Then obviously in the locker room there is a nice lounge area.

So the tournament does a good job with things like that. I guess they know that. It rains a lot here.

Q. By taking time out, do you think you have lost anything or conversely do you think you have gained something?

BIANCA ANDREESCU: Maybe both. When you play consecutive matches, consecutive tournaments, you kind of have a good rhythm going. You learn a lot from your wins and from your losses.

But also, taking time off, you can also gain a lot as well. Like me, I feel like I have gained a lot of wisdom throughout my time off, and I feel fresher and maybe more motivated.

I'm not comparing myself to anyone, but that's just how I feel, so I think it's both. But the more matches I play, the more, you know, momentum I get and I think the better I will play.

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