Roland Garros

Monday, 23 May 2022

Paris, France

Geoffrey Blancaneaux

Press Conference

M. FUCSOVICS/G. Blancaneaux

6-2, 6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Three incredible qually matches. What did you miss today? Didn't you have enough stamina?

GEOFFREY BLANCANEAUX: No, it's not stamina. I didn't start off this match really well. I was waiting to see, and I was playing the clock. That's what I regret.

I took time to be in the match. I thought it might be a five-setter. I was thinking about the future. That's the mistake I made. Otherwise I feel really good. I could have played two more sets.

It was a really good match. The crowd was incredible, supporting me till the very last point. The emotions were really good on the court even though the result was negative.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. Can you tell us more about the third set? That's when you broke him, and then he broke you back, but then the crowd was incredible and five match points.

GEOFFREY BLANCANEAUX: Yeah, the third set was incredible in terms of emotions. It was so good to play with these emotions.

The crowd was on fire. They were supporting me. I didn't want that to stop. It would have been incredible had it lasted two or three games more.

I regret a number of things during this match, not really the result. Well, he was a better player than I was. But it's me, you know, I took time to be in the match. I will have to discuss this with my team and staff.

But a very good Roland Garros, first time I got qualified for a Grand Slam, first time I won the first three matches, first time in the draw.

It's experience I have gained, but I expected a better result today.

Q. As you said, first time you get qualified for a Grand Slam, right? That's what you needed, given the years you have had. With that, I suppose you will be able to continue, given the beginning of the season it was really good.

GEOFFREY BLANCANEAUX: Yeah. Each match I play, I realize I have to make more progress on a daily basis. It's an incredible source of motivation. Each time I wake up I have strong motivation, and he was rated top 30 or top 40, so I have to work and practice harder and harder to succeed.

But it's an incredible French Open for me, incredible emotions, as well. This evening I have regrets, but tomorrow I will be back on the courts and then I hope I can live the same emotions next year.

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