Roland Garros

Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Paris, France

Diane Parry

Press Conference

D. PARRY/C. Osorio

6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Here again very good match today, very good first set, the beginning of the second set was a bit more difficult. How did you manage to remain strong and beat her?

DIANE PARRY: Well, I felt really good physically in the match and in my game and I felt that I was doing everything I needed to do in my game and then I had to adjust a number of things in the second set when she started breaking me, I had to be careful about the points and then I knew I could have the upper hand and this is what I did and I'm very satisfied with how I played today.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. Would you say that so far the tournament is a success for you?

DIANE PARRY: Well, yeah, it's my best result in a Grand Slam so far and I would like to go deep in the tournament and continue and win matches, I don't want to stop now in any case.

Q. Your coach was saying that he hoped that you would impose your game today and use your forehand and play really good on clay. And that's the impression that this is what you did. Even during the rallies, you won most of these rallies, therefore would you say that you're happy with what you've done?

DIANE PARRY: Yeah, I'm very happy with how I started the match, usually that's when it's complicated, to start a match. Compared to the first match, this time I thought, When I start I'll play my game, I'll be very aggressive and I'll show her immediately that it's going to be complicated for her to win points and I'm very happy because I managed to do this from the word go and I continued throughout the match.

Q. My question is going to be quick, it has to do with the mental dimension. Now given what you did during the first round, would you say that the most difficult thing this time was to keep your focus and remain fresh for the second round?

DIANE PARRY: I would say, no, no, because I knew that what I did during the first round is extraordinary, but, I don't know, I wanted to go deep in the tournament and I still do and I was really focused on the tournament.

Then when I was with my close ones after the first win I celebrated with them, of course, but then after that I decided to stick to the tournament and then the following day with my practice I said, I'm going to focus on the match to come.

Q. The fact that you play at home, which is your case, what are the benefits in playing at home?

DIANE PARRY: Well, first I can go back home in the evening and disconnect, I'm no longer on the tournament or close to the imagery and this is very important and it helps me.

The other thing is that I feel I'm at home, I practice here throughout the year, but this time there's this special atmosphere, there's the crowd, they're very happy to be here, and they enjoy all the matches they see and all the players they see.

So I'm very, very happy to see that they're always present during all the matches.

Q. Now you're going to go up to round three, how do you feel?

DIANE PARRY: Well, I'm quite happy with this result for the time being. What next? I'm focusing on the next match and the next opponent.

Q. After the win your father was saying that you would rather play against No. 2, world No. 2 and take it as a big challenge and nothing-to-lose type of thing and then given your ranking it would be a bit more tricky. Is that something you thought about before you stepped into the court?

DIANE PARRY: No, regardless of the player, as I said before, I wanted to impose my game and if you play very strong players it's stimulating and in front of the crowd it's even better.

But this time I was strong willed, I wanted to win, regardless of the player, regardless of her ranking.

Q. I think you were down Love-40 and then you won the game in the second set, now what about these types of moments, you manage them well in a Grand Slam, is that good for you mentally, so that you can go the extra mile?

DIANE PARRY: Well it's always complicated when you try to make an effort and you think about the score and you want to break back and you know when you're down Love-40 you have to be extra careful, each point counts, that's what you need to do to be back in the game and that was one of the turnaround during the second set in the match and it's important to be able to do again the same type of game and repeat the same situations in matches to come.

Q. I have the impression you're totally calm on the court and in front of us, it's not every day that you have so many people in front of you, is that your real nature or is it bubbling inside?

DIANE PARRY: No, that's the way I am naturally. I'm always calm, when I'm off court as well, I'm not doing anything special to remain calm.

Q. You're saying you're going to go deep in the tournament, do you know anything about your next opponent?

DIANE PARRY: Yeah, I was told after my match, I had not looked at the draw, I didn't know who I was going to play against. Yeah, I would rather focus on this match and not think about the longer run and I'm quite happy.

Q. What can you tell us about her, she's American, Sloane Stephens?

DIANE PARRY: It's going to be a very tough and complicated match. She has a wealth of experience in the Grand Slams for these types of tournaments, I think she reached the finals here and I know she's going to be a very good opponent and I'll do my maximum and I'll try and put the best type of tennis I can.

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