Roland Garros

Thursday, 26 May 2022

Paris, France

Hugo Gaston

Press Conference

H. GASTON/P. Cachin

6-4, 6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: I'm going to ask the first question and please then request the floor if you want. So, as I was saying outside, you spent a little bit less time than during your first match, that lasted for four hours, so were you in control for the whole match, that was your routine and so now you're headed to the third round and so everyone was behind you.

HUGO GASTON: Well, I'm really glad that I've won, even though it was more complicated than it look like and I'm not really used to getting on the court on Lenglen as the favorite and it was a very complicated match and I think I handled it really well. I had a couple of occasions to double break him and then he came back and I'm really glad with the result and the atmosphere.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. It's interesting what you're saying, because I was probably more impressed by your match today than your first round against de Minau because we know that you perform well here and in Bercy and these matches. I would like to know how you prepared for that match, was it simple or how, what's your take on this?

HUGO GASTON: Well it was quite a different match, the game of my opponent was quite different, I was feeling well on the court. I hit the ball, I was hitting the ball a little bit with less quality than during my first match. And I played doubles with Gilles so it was quite complicated.

But, you know, it was a good day anyway and tomorrow I'm going to play mixed doubles with Clara, so I'm going to keep focusing for my match for the day after tomorrow.

Q. How can you explain that kind of relationship that you've got with Paris?

HUGO GASTON: Well, I don't really know, it's a little bit of everything that's probably my personality, my game style that's a bit peculiar, but I think it's pretty cool, there's always a great atmosphere on court with people pushing me and it really gives me a lot of strength and energy. So I try to use that and take advantage of this and better to have the crowd with you than against you.

Q. You're used to working or to playing by series, by stories, do you think that there's something that's building up here, are you building momentum or is this something different?

HUGO GASTON: Well, the difference with two years ago is the atmosphere, obviously, you know, it's really different than two years ago and the player that I played today is of course much less learned than Wawrinka or Nishioka, but it was sort of complicated, a tricky match, so I had to be, to stay focused and careful and I had to give to perform as best as I could. I think I handled my emotions quite well and I'm really satisfied with the result.

Q. The fact that you've reached the fourth round two years ago, that's probably helped you in the way you handle your emotions?

HUGO GASTON: Well, of course, it does help. I know the court probably better than today's opponent and the atmosphere was to my advantage. He had probably never played with that kind of atmosphere. I've played on that court several times, so of course it was an advantage. I was feeling well psychologically, physically and I tried to be as aggressive as I could straight from the beginning and try to win the matches as fast as I could and as simply as I could.

Q. You're going to play Rune in the next round, you probably already know him quite well, what do you think about his game and do you think you're going to play on Philippe Chatrier where you played Dominic Thiem, would it be a pleasure for you to play again on the center court or do you prefer playing on Lenglen because you played there several times?

HUGO GASTON: Well, Rune, he's the same age as Alcaraz, he's probably under the radar a little bit more than Alcaraz and he's won his first title recently, he plays really well. I know him, we've practiced together and I've played doubles with him this year. He hits the ball really hard and it's going to be a very tough match, but it's going to be a great moment. He's a nice person, I like him. And what was the second part of your question?

Well, yeah, center court. Well we'll see, that's up to the organizers to decide, but I'm feeling good on Lenglen, but I if I have to go and play on center court I'll do that and it will be a pleasure for me.

Q. You've had ups and downs and you're used to having ups and downs in your season so how do you handle these periods when you practice with Marc?

HUGO GASTON: Well I try to really trust my game and tennis is a tough sport, sometimes you lose and there are a lot of defeats, but it depends on the weeks and you keep trying to improve. And of course there are defeats that are tougher than others, but I built my trust a little bit before, before coming here, before arriving here, and now I'm trying to prove that my game is here.

Q. The match against Rune, there will be probably a great atmosphere, with two young players, do you think it will be an advantage for you? We remember that game, that match against Alcaraz that you had a hard time handling that and then if it will be on, if it's on Philippe Chatrier would you like to play the night session?

HUGO GASTON: Well, you know, as I said, it's up to the organizers to decide. If it's a night session, well, I'm fine with that. And what was your question about Rune?

Q. The fact that he's really young.

HUGO GASTON: Well, yeah, it will be the same thing as with Alcaraz, it will be a great atmosphere, I can't wait to get out there and play and I'm going to give a hundred percent of my energy and we'll see.

Q. The physical work that you're doing with Kevin Blandy, have you improved, has it helped?

HUGO GASTON: Well you know we worked together since I was very young and we work also with my coach, Marc, we work really hard on the things that I need to acquire, even though I don't think, I don't take anything for granted and I have the feeling that I'm playing at the same time that I'm working but we're moving forward.

Q. You said you played with Rune in doubles, with it by chance or is it because you're friends, what's your relationship with him? Have you played together before the tournament?

HUGO GASTON: Well, we know each other really well, we played the Next Gen tournament last year, there were only eight players so of course we were quite close. We get along really well. We also played doubles in Marseille this year and we played well and he's a very nice guy anyway on and off court. He's a friend, but not on court.

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