Roland Garros

Friday, 27 May 2022

Paris, France

Diego Schwartzman

Press Conference


6-3, 6-1, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. I remember last year you said you hope in one year you didn't have Rafa on your side of the draw. Now you get both Rafa and Djokovic, and get to play them early. Curious how you feel about that. Also, you really excel on clay, not that you don't have great wins on hard court, as well. Do people ever ask you for advice on playing on clay? What do you tell them is the most important thing?

DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: No, no advice. You know, everyone who is here have the chance to play his best tennis, and they know how to do it. At the end, some weeks of the year you can play better and you feel better.

Happen today guys playing from U.S., from England, playing in indoors, grass, and obviously on hard.

So for us, Latin American players play on clay. When we are playing good tennis and we are feeling okay, it's our best part of the year, for sure. Then the last few years I play great on hard and that's why I improve my ranking from 2017 to now. You know, you have to win in all the surface.

So no advice I can say to another players. You know, they know how to do it.

But then, yeah, I'm happy to went through today. It was a very difficult match against Grigor. I was very focused, two hours or more, I don't know how long I played. But I was totally focused, not thinking how he was doing today or how many mistakes he was doing. I was just focused how to play and how to beat him today. Everything was great.

Djokovic didn't win yet, so he have to win, and then I'm going to think about the next match.

Q. You had that incredible run here in 2020. Obviously the quarterfinal win over Thiem and then the match against Rafa. How much do you reflect on that when you come here each year since? Do you feel it the moment you walk on the grounds, when you're on court? What does it mean even two years on?

DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: You mean go to the round of 16?

Q. Speaking of the whole tournament of 2020.

DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: It was great at that time. I was doing very good tournaments before 2020. In 2018 I have the chance against Rafa. I was set and break up.

So, I mean, since always almost Paris for me have great feeling. 2014 when I did the goal to be in the top 100 for the first time was here after passing the quallies and winning the first match.

So, you know, a lot of good memories here. I think, you know, in tennis the feeling is always there when you go back to a place who did great before. Is difficult to explain, but, you know, you feel it, on the hands.

I'm very happy to be one more time in the second week here. I played great today. I did great tournaments. But now I'm focused to keep doing this year and let's see what happen in the next match.

Q. I'm wondering how big of a football fan are you? The Champions League finals are obviously in Paris.

DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Tomorrow, yeah.

Q. Do you want to go...

DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: A chance to ask who have tickets for me (smiling).

Q. Exactly. Are you going to try and go?

DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: So Roland Garros, please ask for tickets for tomorrow. I know you can do it (smiling).

President of Roland Garros, president of the Federation. I can go alone, eh? It's okay (smiling).

Q. Do you support either team, or who do you think is going to win?

DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: No, I love football. I love to watch these kind of matches.

These past few days I was following just my team, Boca Juniors. We won the league in Argentina. We won yesterday. So we went through in the Copa Libertadores.

So now it's time to Champions League, you know. But it's going to be a great match. Everyone who is here is not from Liverpool or Real Madrid. We are going to enjoy.

One more time, if you have any tickets, I will be there tomorrow.

Q. Who do you think will win?

DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Not sure. I cannot say. I mean, Real Madrid was losing all these last few matches, and they have, you know, something, and they are coming back, so difficult to say.

Q. The pink shirt that you were wearing during the match is very bright and colorful. So I would like to know what do you think is the brightest and most colorful right now: Your pink shirt or the way you are playing tennis on the court?

DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Both, both. I think Fila is doing great with the clothing. The last few years the colors are improving, and I really like.

So I think it's always important to feel great with the brand you are, you know, going, walking on court. So I think they are doing great.

My tennis this week, it was great so far. Let's see if the pink colors are ready for the round of 16 now.

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