Roland Garros

Friday, 27 May 2022

Paris, France

Daria Saville

Press Conference

M. TREVISAN/D. Saville

6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: After two sets against Trevisan what's your feeling and despite this loss do you think this is a good tournament for you?

DARIA SAVILLE: Yeah, if you're going to tell me that I was going to make third round of Roland Garros in February I would be like, yeah, I would take that. So I'm happy, happy with the progress, chipping away. I'm going upwards, so that's a good thing.

Disappointed about the way I played today, I don't think I played, I want to say I froze, but I did not expect the crazy fans. I was taken back a little bit. We were warming up and I missed a few shots in the warmup, like and they were screaming and I was like, I was shocked, like only, I'm not making excuses, but I haven't experienced that, so I'm just going to learn from that, so, that's fine.

Q. Was it down to that or because when you looked at some of the stats, like 25 unforced to, let's see, it was maybe 19 or something winners, seven double faults, was it really the crowd that rattled you or was it something else?

DARIA SAVILLE: I was rattled by a lot of things, different things. Double fault is due to where she was standing. She was standing like, I don't know, she was standing very, the way she was positioning to return for second serve I think she was way, she was like looking for her forehand and I was also rattled by that. Yeah, I was a bit like, yeah, I froze, I just didn't move as well and it's not something, I'm not saying that's an excuse, but I was a bit taken back and was like, Oh, what's happening? Like I really, really did freeze.

I thought about it and it was, yeah, it was kind of like, What's happening here? It was hard for me to focus on the game.

Q. Have you been in that sort of a situation before?

DARIA SAVILLE: Probably. But not in awhile. Not in a long time. But it's due to not playing for however long, so it's another learning experience, like happen to me in Miami where I haven't played on a big court and then I played on the big court and it felt completely different.

So, I mean, the good thing is that I put myself in situations, in different situations, so I just kind of learn from that and, yeah.

Q. Apart from that --

DARIA SAVILLE: She played really well, not like, she played really, really well, I'm not going to take anything from her. Like she beat me, like she really played good tennis.

Q. So, yeah, to bounce back on what you were saying at the moment, what makes her, such an opponent, so difficult to play against?

DARIA SAVILLE: I think the surface really suits her. It bounces really high, she was able to find her forehand, because she was going to, she was hitting like heavy into my backhand and then she would hurt me with her forehand.

I think it really disturbs a lot of players, I think she, I don't know who she plays next, I didn't look at the draw.

Q. The winner between Sasnovich and Kerber, I think.

DARIA SAVILLE: Oh, I think she can win that one as well. She's playing really good and she's confident and she's enjoying it. Like you can see like she's fighting so hard and I knew that, I knew that we were going to be, like that's going to be a match for us playing like someone.

Look, I fight really hard, I'm really struggling here, I think I'm really hungry. (Laughing) I am, actually. But, yeah, like I think she's playing good. I think she's, I think she can win a few more matches with the way she's playing.

Q. But you hit the ball so hard.


Q. You hit the ball so hard, but at the end of the day what did you miss in this match, according to you?

DARIA SAVILLE: I mean you had the stats. Too many unforced errors, I didn't serve as well and, yeah, like I was really rattled by the crowd from the beginning. I actually started playing really well, I was always playing catch up, I didn't start well, so I was losing and when you're down in the score you maybe, like it's hard, it's hard to come back.

And she was playing good, she was playing brave. I really got unlucky in that game when I was up 40-Love I think through two, it could have almost could have had, if it was 3-All I don't know what could have happened, but you know, when you're playing well, she hit some line balls and it just goes your way, you just feel good about the way you're playing, so too good.

Q. You came back from 5-2 in the second to 5-4.

DARIA SAVILLE: I was really unlucky. Like first point she had that let court. But if I was going to win I should have been trying to be up in the score and like, okay, yeah, I could have come back, it could have been 5-All, but I was always playing catch up, so that's tough.

Q. Could you understand what they were saying to you in the warmup?

DARIA SAVILLE: Oh, like I would just miss a ball long in the warmup and they would be like, Out. And I'm like, Oh, my God, what is happening here. Like it really shook me.

And I kind like was likes, Oh my God, like, they're all against me here and it was a zoo out there.

Q. Was there any personal stuff?

DARIA SAVILLE: No, no, no. They were just like really supporting her. Like if I knew that this was, like if I was kind of ready for it I maybe would have kind of like enjoyed it and would have tried to like win the crowd.

But I was just like, Oh, my God, what is happening here. I haven't had to experience that in a while.

Q. Obviously disappointing for you to be beat today but how are you feeling in terms of the body and being able to hold up and get through to the second week of a slam given what you've been through?

DARIA SAVILLE: Yeah, that's a positive, because I didn't know how I would feel on clay court season, I haven't had a clay court season for what, 18 months or 20 months, so I didn't know how my Achilles would feel and they're good.

So, like for next year, like this year was always kind of just, okay, I'm back, but, like I'm playing, let's kind of try to set up for next year. But like I'm playing better than, like I found my level sooner and I'm winning, so I'm like, Okay, well let's work. I just, like work with what I have and I guess I'm playing well.

Q. Not the best day for the Saville household.

DARIA SAVILLE: I know, he lost. I was almost like, I didn't cry after my match, but then I asked my coach and then Luke, he's like, Oh, he lost. And I'm like, Oh, this is a shit day. That's okay.

At least we are here together, so that's, apart from tennis, we're in Paris, it's still a good life and I can't complain.

Q. Where are you going next? What's the plans next?

DARIA SAVILLE: Well, I think I'm going to go to Croatia next week. I really need to turn my attitude around because right now I'm like, Oh, I don't want to, but I think once I get there I'm going to be like, Okay, let's go.

Because I'm playing good, why not keep going and use it as, Oh, imagine if I was in second week, let's go, let's play again.

Q. Just a last question about French player.


Q. No, this one, there is another one. Jeanjean. What can you say about her?

DARIA SAVILLE: We played, I mean, she was meant to be really, really good. When she was, she's a year younger than me, I remember her, but then she, then I don't know, I was like, Oh my God, she got a wildcard here?

And I haven't seen her play. I watched her win the first, her first match, so, yeah, I hope she can keep on going and it's pretty cool story, so I hope she can just keep her dream run going because I think it's really cool when you have runs like that. So don't put too much pressure on her (laughing).

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