Roland Garros

Friday, 27 May 2022

Paris, France

Martina Trevisan

Press Conference

M. TREVISAN/D. Saville

6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: You had a lot of support out there today, more than you expected?

MARTINA TREVISAN: Not really, not really. Normally it wasn't like this, but today there were a lot and I really enjoyed the crowd today.

THE MODERATOR: Did they help you through the match? Was it nice to have all that support in Paris?

MARTINA TREVISAN: Yes, a lot, because when I was playing, I heard a lot of, Martina, Martina, and it gave me a lot of energy. Yeah, so they helped me a lot.

Q. I heard the press conference from Saville and she said that right at the beginning she was a little bit rattled by the way of the crowd was pushing you.

MARTINA TREVISAN: Yeah, she told me also during the shower in the locker room.

Q. And how do you explain this link with the French crowd?

MARTINA TREVISAN: Actually, I don't know, but I like it so much. Today was very special. I never played with a crowd like this. Maybe through the year I had their trust, so maybe match after match they follow me and that's why.

Q. Finally, she said that she saw you maybe winning the few matches going on. How do you feel the pressure going on, because you're going to play Sasnovich.

MARTINA TREVISAN: I'm not feeling pressure right now, I'm just enjoy the moment, I'm just playing well. I'm very consistent during my match. So I'm not feeling any pressure, just enjoy the moment and nothing else.

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