Roland Garros

Sunday, 28 May 2023

Paris, France

Anastasia Potapova

Press Conference

A. POTAPOVA/T. Townsend

6-1, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Anastasia, how happy are you with your performance today?

ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: I was very happy. There is not much I can say. It was quick. It was not so easy, but under an hour, maybe one hour, so I'm happy with my game today.

Q. On the win today, a lot of people don't like to play Taylor, but you seemed to really enjoy it. Two really quick wins.

ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: I'm actually really surprised because she's very uncomfortable opponent, and all her last matches were very tough. She beat Jessica a couple of weeks ago in Rome. She has some very good wins under her belt.

But, yeah, I'm surprised that my matches against her were, like, in two sets straight and quite easy score.

Q. Is there any preparation you do that's special for that style because you probably like the opportunity to pass her?

ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: To be honest, really I was just playing my game as always. And, yeah, it is how it is.

Q. What do you make of the start to this tournament? It's your first time seeded at a slam. Does it feel any different?

ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: To be honest, no. To me it doesn't really matter if you are seeded in the Grand Slam because you still have to play the first round. It's not like in Madrid or Rome when you have a bye on the first round and you starting a bit later than everyone.

I mean, definitely you are getting the draw, but some of the players here who are unseeded, very tricky one for the first round. We already have some upsets here. So, yeah, I'm thinking positive about this week. We'll see.

I mean, I'm really enjoying it now. Yeah, I'm really happy to be here.

Q. I saw the end of your practice over the weekend. You got to sign a lot of autographs. Obviously you've done things like that before, but to be in that situation at a Slam as a seed, does it feel surreal? Did it strike you in that moment?

ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: If you want me to be honest, not really because that's what I've been working for. I'm taking it not as something crazy, you know. I really want to get used to this and staying here as long as I can to be seeded on the Grand Slams and maybe higher and higher.

Yeah, we'll see.

Q. How have you been handling this swing coming from Miami, transitioning to clay? What has been the difference for you?

ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Well, I had pretty good results after the Miami as well. Stuttgart was very nice, and semifinals, both singles and doubles. Third round back-to-back losing to Veronika, but crazy match, both of them.

I don't know. I'm really enjoying tennis now in this life. I think it's really special. Yeah, I think that's what makes a difference.

Q. Is there anything that's happening with you on court that feels like it's helping you be this much more consistent? Do you feel like you're panicking less in matches, getting less distracted, anything like that?

ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: Definitely the confidence is higher now in myself. You know, different site, I'm feeling more confident. I'm not panicking in some moments because I had the experience already. Obviously some wins that I had already in the season helping as well.

So, yeah, but the only difference that has been made is on the practice court. I was practicing a lot, and that's what is giving me the good results now.

Q. What do you make of Paris as a city?

ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: I love it. I mean, I'm always looking forward to come back here. It's such a beautiful city, and the atmosphere and everything, food. I mean, it's Paris, come on. (Laughing.)

Q. Do you have any special routines when you are here?

ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: No, not really. For now it's only practicing, back to room with physio. I'm trying to stay away from, like, everything now, like shopping or restaurants or everything.

But definitely as soon as I'm going to be done here, I'm going to go for a walk or maybe I will stay for a little longer to explore it one more time. I know everything about Paris, to be honest (laughing).

Q. Is that a little bit of a change, the fact that you are staying so much hotel site and not doing that much on your off days?

ANASTASIA POTAPOVA: I've been always doing this, actually. So it's nothing new.

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