Roland Garros

Saturday, 3 June 2023

Paris, France

Elena Rybakina

Press Conference



THE MODERATOR: Elena, obviously you made the unfortunate choice to withdraw today. What's keeping you from taking the court today?

ELENA RYBAKINA: Yeah, well, I was not feeling good already yesterday and the day before, so I didn't sleep two nights and had some fever.

Today I really tried on the warmup, but I feel that the right decision is to withdraw, because it's really tough to play with these conditions.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. We're really sorry to hear your news today. Could you tell us how you felt coming in to Roland Garros? What have been the biggest challenges for you over the last few days? What are your emotions right now?

ELENA RYBAKINA: Yeah, of course I'm really upset not be able to play, but I guess that's life. There is a lot of ups and downs. Today I just wanted to give 100%, and obviously I'm far from being 100%.

Yeah, I was actually coming positive here, but as I said, you never know how you're gonna feel. Was unlucky for me. Yeah, I just try to recover and do my best to be prepared for the grass season already.

Q. Sorry about this, Elena, but can you tell us how you're feeling? Is it a fever? Is it body ache? Or can you just tell us what the symptoms are?

ELENA RYBAKINA: Yeah, well, I saw the doctor, and they said that actually it's all a virus here in Paris. Yeah, I guess with my allergy, immune system just went down and I picked up something.

As I said, I was not sleeping well two days. I had fever, headache. I mean, I think you can hear also.

So, yeah, it's difficult to perform and obviously to run and even breathe. So I think that was the only right decision I could make.

Q. I'm sorry to have to be speaking to you under these circumstances. Did you start to feel the symptoms after your second match or during the day of your second match?

ELENA RYBAKINA: No, actually it was after my second match. Yeah, everything was going well. I don't know. Just all of a sudden I start to feel bad, and it was not better at all.

Q. Did the doctor put you on any medication, or is it just rest and fluids?

ELENA RYBAKINA: No, of course I got some medication. As soon as I started to feel bad, I took everything what I could. But, I mean, health is health and the body just needs some time. I also played a lot.

Yeah, I think I just need few days for sure rest and see how it's gonna be.

Q. Obviously considering what your health is, what is your plan for grass? What were you planning on playing if you're well enough to play?

ELENA RYBAKINA: Yeah. Well, no, for now focus for sure to get better. But the plan was to play Berlin, Eastbourne, and Wimbledon. There is not many tournaments on grass, but most important to get healthy again. Yeah, that was the plan.

Q. When you made the tough decision not to compete today, what was telling you that decision?


Q. When you made the decision today, what was telling you that decision? Was it your body, was it your head, or was it your heart?

ELENA RYBAKINA: Well, I think it's just overall feeling that I cannot stay on the court more than 10 minutes. I do one rally, and it's just -- and it was just the warmup from the middle of the court. So if I cannot breathe, there is no chance I can even run and try to compete. So I think that's it.

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