U.S. Women's Mid-Amateur Championship

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Bluffton, South Carolina, USA

Berkeley Hall Club (North Course)

Ina Kim-Schaad

Quote Quotes

Q. Tell me what was working well with your game today. Obviously you played well for both matches.

INA KIM-SCHAAD: Yeah, you know, I started hitting it a little bit more consistently, which is nice, and I was putting it into decent proximity to the hole. I had a few good birdie looks. Whenever you're making stress-free pars, that's a nice thing in match play, and making them win with birdies is kind of nice. I'd love to make a few more birdies out there tomorrow, but yeah, it was just pretty steady. I didn't make any huge mistakes, and I was just pretty steady the whole day.

Q. Match with Lara here; how was it playing against her?

INA KIM-SCHAAD: She's just an incredible player but also just such a lovely human being. She and her husband both, they're so nice and pleasant.

It was just -- honestly it was a really pleasant walk just getting to know them a little bit and chitchatting and hearing about some of her victories and some of her -- what do you call them, like kind of superstitions. She's been wearing the same skirt for all her victories.

Q. Yeah, she's worn it for all her victories; it's like the black-and-white one.

INA KIM-SCHAAD: Exactly. So she was telling me about that. It was just really lovely. She's a super competitor. She's lethal with that putter, so she kept me on my toes for sure. It was a great match.

Q. Had you guys played?

INA KIM-SCHAAD: I had never played with Lara before, no. I was actually really excited to play with her.

Q. It seemed like maybe -- what were some of the key holes for you? It seemed like you had a big birdie on two par-3s, 8 and then obviously closing it out on 16.

INA KIM-SCHAAD: Yeah, yeah. Gosh, I think 8 was probably the biggest one in terms of like momentum, and then there was -- what was the hole kind of on the back nine where we both had to two-putt and that kind of kept us in it? Do you remember? It was early on, it was 12 or 13. Yeah, that's what it was, 12 and 13, I had two kind of longer putts for par that I made that I think really kept me in it. She was putting so well, the tide could have turned super easily then. Those were really key.

Q. Going into tomorrow, you're defending champ; you've won nine straight matches in this championship now. How would you rate the state of your game?

INA KIM-SCHAAD: I mean, it's not as tight as I would like it, honestly, but I got what I got, so I'm going to keep fighting with it. Yeah, just going to try and play my own game, like I said yesterday. I have what I have, and let's try and fight and make some birdies.

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