U.S. Women's Mid-Amateur Championship

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Bluffton, South Carolina, USA

Berkeley Hall Club (North Course)

Shannon Johnson

Quote Quotes

Q. Start from the top with the afternoon match and walk me through.

SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, when we started the front nine, just somehow from this morning to this afternoon just kind of lost my swing and tempo, and pretty much the whole front side was trying to scrape it around. Really tried to grind out some pars instead of even looking at birdies.

But then my caddie, Matt, noticed a couple things in my swing, so by the time we got up on 10 fairway, I was able to kind of hit a little more solid shots, and then on 11 hit some really good shots, and that kind of started the momentum a little bit, so I started playing a little better, hitting some better shots coming into the greens, at least giving myself some birdies putts.

Q. Was 13 a birdie or a conceded birdie?

SHANNON JOHNSON: Conceded birdie. I hit it to about two and a half, three feet anyway, so I should have made that one anyway. But yeah, so that was good. And then yeah, she got a little unlucky on 15, the par-5. There was a rake right by the bunker and it actually hit it, so she was standing way down in the bunker trying to play a 100-yard shot and didn't -- unfortunately didn't get it on the green, but I again kind of stuffed one in there probably about 12 feet and then just had to cozy it down there; par wins the hole.

Q. What's going through your mind when you're making the turn down 1.

SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, I was kind of thinking with how -- it's not like she was playing poorly. We each kind of had some weird holes and some breaks not go our way. I think for not swinging it well and only being 1-down, I was pretty happy with that going into the turn, which was good. So I knew if I could swing just one, that's a big momentum turner, and then if I can get another one and get up on her, then that's really good.

Q. You've been here before; what's it going to take tomorrow? What's the mindset going into tomorrow?

SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, hopefully get some rest tonight and then come out in the morning and hopefully just kind of get into a groove again with my swing. I've been swinging it awesome for the stroke play, then practice rounds the first couple matches, and that happens in golf, and we're not going to be on all the time. But you have to figure out how to win these matches that you're not playing well, and that's what it takes in the end.

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