U.S. Women's Mid-Amateur Championship

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Bluffton, South Carolina, USA

Berkeley Hall Club (North Course)

Amanda Jacobs

Quote Quotes

Q. Talk about the morning, taking down the defending champ. Talk me through that match.

AMANDA JACOBS: Yeah, I thought it was a really solid match. I made a good, I think, up and down on 6 to get a lead, if I'm remembering correctly. Yeah, I think it was just a really well-fought match on both sides, and I thought it was some really good quality golf. She's a great golfer and a great person, so it's always nice when you're playing with such a high-caliber person.

Q. Had you played her here in this? I know you've played in six or seven of these before.

AMANDA JACOBS: You know, I don't think I've played against her, but I think I've played with her in the stroke play qualifying down in Houston a couple years ago.

Q. What would be the key takeaways of the week? To make the quarterfinals here is a big achievement, and I know you did in 2017 --

AMANDA JACOBS: And '16, yeah.

I think the more you play in these events, you realize every day is a new day, every round is a new day. Hey, you're just trying to play a little bit better golf every day. I'd say the first day on Monday I had the putter just on fire, and so just making every putt I looked at. It's fun golf, but it never seems to last for four or five days.

Takeaway? Hit the ball in the fairway, hit it on the green and go hit it again. But it's a great event.

Berkeley hall, without a doubt, this is my seventh event, they did by far the best job out of any club I've seen. Their pro shop and volunteers, they have just killed it. And you guys, too.

Q. It's been great here, and you guys have put on some great golf.

AMANDA JACOBS: I know tomorrow's match will be good. She striped it really well. I think she hits the ball really high, which is going to help her to get to some of the greens, because I assume tomorrow they'll be pretty tucked.

Q. You won back-to-back holes there close to the turn to tie it up. Talk me through there and then the back nine.

AMANDA JACOBS: Yeah, I thought my driver kind of let me down a little bit today, which makes sense. You've played a lot of golf and it's warm out and you've got to make sure everything is firing at the same time. But on 6, I think is by far the toughest par-3 out here, I kept telling myself, you have to miss left because anything right -- I was right this morning, it's just a tough putt or chip.

Really to get up and down there was nice. We're both used to playing on bentgrass, so we're not used to this type of grass, and so in Portland I do the same thing, I'd putt it up the hill, but you can do that here, but it's just significantly tougher to judge the speed because it sounds like it's on Velcro.

Q. 7, your second shot, that was one of the best shots I've seen -- might have been the best shot I've seen out here.

AMANDA JACOBS: I was going to say, I don't think I ever want to have to repeat that shot again. 7 is just a hard hole. In stroke play the mentality was, hey, get a 5, go right, hit a wedge on, don't screw with the water. When she hit it in the water, for a second I thought that, but even when you're out there 80 yards away, it's still an intimidating tee shot because that green is not -- we're good wedge players, but it's still intimidating. I think part of it is you just hit it and you hope that it works out, and that one did. I mean, that was -- I'm pretty sure I could sell it to a couple members here. To get those shots back, that was good, after kind of two back-to-back bogeys.

Q. What's next for you here in the fall? Do you have any other events coming up out in Oregon?

AMANDA JACOBS: No, our season I think is done, but we always do a girls' trip. There's like eight to 12 of us with my mom and Gretchen over there. We've been to Bandon Dunes every October. That's fun golf. There will be no official scorecards or anything. I think that is it for the season. Excited to have a beer right now.

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