KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

Community Impact Award Press Conference

PGA Frisco

Frisco, Texas, USA

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Carlton Dixon

John Lindert PGA

Sandy Cross

SANDY CROSS: Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to the 2023 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship here at PGA Frisco, the home of the PGA of America. We are so excited to be here. Thank you for coming out.

We are about to award the 2023 Community Impact Award from the PGA of America.

I'm Sandy Cross. I'm the chief people officer of the PGA of America. I have the honor of shepherding the inclusion efforts for the association on behalf of our 29,000 PGA of America professionals around the globe.

This award which we started last year is an inclusion impact award, and it's designed to identify a local and diverse-owned small business currently in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, a local diverse-owned small business that is making a significant impact on the community through their initiatives, through their programs, through their operations, through their practices.

Shortly we will present that honor for this year's individual and company.

We hope that through this award we will continue to amplify, put a spotlight on and elevate small businesses that are making an impact and allow them to leverage the power of our major championships like the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship, leverage that opportunity to further build their network, further build their business, and leverage the assets of the championship to create deeper partnerships, greater community impact.

We're hoping that is what our award winner and their business will have the opportunity to do this year through the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship.

Without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce the president of the PGA of America, John Lindert, to bestow this year's honor.

JOHN LINDERT: Thanks, Sandy. It's a pleasure being here today at the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship. We're excited about this award, the 28,000 PGA professionals across the country, and bestowing this honor on a CEO on a Dallas native, Carlton Dixon, as the 2023 PGA of America Community Impact Award recipient.

Carlton turned a brilliant idea into a fun business that is driven by giving back to the community. As an example, Carlton has partnered with Big 12 Conference, the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, approximately 90 universities, and now the PGA of America.

To illustrate their tremendous community impact, Reveal Suits has donated over 300 suits and 200 additional slacks to a North Dallas high school. They've also provided suits to two high school students who received the Black Sports Professional North Texas scholarships.

They also have supported many underrepresented local students, organizations, making sure they are dressed for success.

To give an example of how much the PGA of America is impressed with their outstanding company, Carlton and Reveal Suits has been given the PGA brand to our board of directors. Carlton, I'd now like to have you come up here and receive your 2023 PGA of America Community Impact Award.

CARLTON DIXON: Thank you very much.

JOHN LINDERT: Do you want to show the inside of it?

CARLTON DIXON: Here it is, the reveal. Very nice.

JOHN LINDERT: Awesome. How does it fit?

CARLTON DIXON: Like a glove.

JOHN LINDERT: There's your award. Appreciate it.

CARLTON DIXON: Wow, what an honor. Thank you very much to the president of the PGA, Sandy, Laura and Charles, thank you very much for this honor.

This one is very personal for me. I'm a big believer in community, always have been. Throughout even when I was in high school, giving back to the elementary kids at that time, I've been a big believer in giving back to community, and now with Reveal Suits we get that chance to do it, whether it's the programs that you mentioned, the donations to the high schools and things like that.

But even in the course of our business, we have a Dress For Success program in which we deeply discount our suits for collegiate student-athletes, helping to prepare them for job interviews and internships and things of that nature to have them ready to be the next group of professionals going out into the world.

Community is what I'm all about. It's what we strive to do, and so this award is just kind of right on par, shall I say, with what it is that we do.

Certainly wanted to take this moment to acknowledge my beautiful wife Nicki, just thank her for her time and support for these past few years; David and Gracie, thank you for everything that you bring. My brother is here from Chicago, TL.

We're just super proud as the Reveal family, as the Dixon family, and again, just thank you very much. We look forward to working with you.

SANDY CROSS: Thank you again for joining us this afternoon. Carlton, we're incredibly proud of you. We're honored to be partners, you and your team at Reveal Suits, your business partners. I think it's incredibly fitting, pun intended, to honor a veteran-owned business as we head into Memorial Day weekend, so thank you. Thanks again for coming, and enjoy the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship.

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