KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

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PGA Frisco

Frisco, Texas, USA

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Cameron Doan

Q. Cameron, an even par score for you today. What are your takeaways from your first round here?

CAMERON DOAN: So, I really didn't even think about a number. The first challenge was getting by that first tee shot. It was really cool to see that many people here, a bunch of Preston Trail members, a whole bunch of northern Texas members. I had some buddies come in from different time zones. So the juices were flowing pretty good. It took three or four holes I think to settle in and then it was playing golf. It helped a lot playing with Paul and Harrison. Paul and I went to college together and I've known Harrison 25 years. That helped. I'm just a club pro and they worked to make me comfortable. That helped.

Q. You'll forever be part of history hitting that first shot. What was the meaning of that?

CAMERON DOAN: It meant a lot. I think I told myself leading up to it that, well, okay, I'm just hitting it for everybody else and I'll be all right. When I walked over to the putting green and started thinking about it I had to work on my breathing. I was pretty amped up. It's an honor to be able to do that for everything that's going to happen here for the next 50 years. It's an honor. It really is.

Q. Looked like you hit a pretty good one too.

CAMERON DOAN: I smoked it. That helped. I smoked it. I'll remember that one.

Q. Then you walk off and Joe Black is there.

CAMERON DOAN: Yeah, for him to come up here from Austin -- getting around is not easy for him. We have a match, an annual match North Texas versus South Texas named after him, and I happen to be the all-time point winner on that thing. He and I have become good friends I have such respect for that man. So for him to come up here and for us to be able to make him feel welcome and part of it, that's pretty cool.

Q. Looked like some, you kind of a sigh of relief after that first tee shot. You kind of doffed your cap.

CAMERON DOAN: Yes. Definitely.

Q. What was your reaction when you -- did you see all the people from the northern or the North Texas PGA folks before you hit or did you block, kind of block them out and hit the shot and then turn around and see them?

CAMERON DOAN: So I knew Mark Harrison was going to beat the drum and I saw a bunch of them gather on the range. And then as I was walking over, I've been, these guys are my kind of my second family. So, yeah, I knew. Then I actually had to stand there and gather myself. And I, my dad passed in 2017 and he was a life member of the PGA. I talked to him when I was standing there getting ready. When I used to play in the Nelson he would caddie. So he was there. He helped.

Q. How did you feel like Mark did on his one hole?

CAMERON DOAN: He killed it. He misread the par putt and the hole caught it so it worked out okay. (Laughing.) He might have been more wound up than I was. He was pretty amend. I told him I was going to put a six pack in the bag and let him carry that and then drink it, but we didn't do it.

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