KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

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PGA Frisco

Frisco, Texas, USA

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Katsumasa Miyamoto

Q. A 6-under 66 for you today. How did it go out there for you?

KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: Today is an early morning, but I hit a good tee shot. Many good tee shots. Good playing. So made up a lot for putting and then many, many luckies. Really.

Q. What do you mean many, many luckies? For instance, what?

KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: If I hit the bad shot, but many bad shot, but turn around towards the pin and make a long putt. Like 50 feet, yeah. So I'm so happy today.

Q. You made a 50-foot putt on one hole? Which hole?

KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: Yeah, yeah. Number 15.

Q. A lot of talk this week was that the course is pretty tough. Apparently you did -- I mean, you birdied the first three holes. Did it seem as tough as -- I mean, you made it look easier than maybe players are making it sound.

KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: Yeah, I started with the birdie, birdie, birdie, so nice rhythm. First tee shot very nervous, but make a birdie, so kind of relax. This course is really tough, the rough is tough. I never seen beautiful course, beautiful and tough and very nice course. I think best in the world.

Q. Did you come here this week from Japan?


Q. When did you travel? What day did you get here?


Q. Sunday. And you had never seen this course before?

KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: Yeah, of course, of course.

Q. Never?

KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: Yeah. I played 2010 at Firestone in the WGC. It was about 13 years ago. And so I'm so exciting.

Q. Firestone?

KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: Firestone. Yeah. Yeah. I'm so excited to be playing in the United States.

Q. This is the first time since then in the U.S.?

KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: No, I played in 1999, so just one year on PGA TOUR a long time ago now.

Q. Have you spent much time in Texas before?

KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: I think I played Houston Open, yeah.

Q. What's your impression of this part of Texas?

KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: Nice people, friendly, nice food. I love it.

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