KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

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PGA Frisco

Frisco, Texas, USA

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Jerry Kelly

Q. 3-under 69 for you today. What, how did it go out there for you?

JERRY KELLY: I hit the ball fairly well. I had a lot of chances inside of 10, 15 feet. Didn't capitalize. The speed of the greens is tough. The grain into greens. I'm a die putter, so it really takes 'em at the end. I've got to be more aggressive. But that being said that's not my normal way of putting. So if I start becoming aggressive now my reads are off. So I'm going to keep putting my way, hopefully more of 'em will drop.

Made a good save on 18 after an absolutely horrendous second shot into that green. But other than that I mean the course doesn't set up great for the shorter hitter, but if I can hit fairways -- the only other bogey I made I put it in the fairway bunker in a tough spot. I actually made a good par and a good bogey from off the green. So I just need to make more birdies.

Q. There was a lot of curiosity this week, debut for this golf course and everything. As a test, overall, what do you think?

JERRY KELLY: Yeah, I think they set it up well for us. I'm very glad we didn't get rain yesterday, last night. That would have been a totally different story. Can't imagine this place with it being softer and possibly mud and all that kind of stuff. So hopefully a little status quo here in the next three days. Seems like we're past most of it, hopefully. But, yeah, it sets up well if we can bounce it out there a little bit and have reasonable iron shots in. Because they can do whatever they want to with these pins. They can make it tough. They're still accessible, but you have to kind of suck it up and hit the shot.

Q. That guy that just walked out past you that's leading the tournament, is he a pretty dangerous guy out here with his speed and length?

JERRY KELLY: Absolutely. I mean, his putting has been fantastic. So I mean that's one of the main things you look at. When you put that kind of distance and then you put the putting on top of it, I mean his stats are way up there. So Strick is hitting it longer I think than he ever has. Alker is hitting it long. Paddy is making us all try and hit it longer. It's just not good for me. No, I mean it's all those guys that get doing some things really well that makes everybody just pull on after 'em. So this tour continues to get better and the great players are still great, but it's really pulling along some of the marginals.

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