KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

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PGA Frisco

Frisco, Texas, USA

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Richard Green

Q. 4-under 68 for you today. Maybe you could summarize your round for us, please.

RICHARD GREEN: Pretty solid round to all accounts. Started pretty nicely. Obviously birdied the 1st. That was pretty good to get the momentum running. Made a couple of good putts in the early part of the round, which just sort of just sets it up pretty much. I felt pretty comfortable out there and some good solid practice with the putter this week. And I feel like I've been hitting good shots and that's kind of required around this course.

Q. What was key for you in learning this golf course? The small window that you have to do it.

RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, well we actually arrived last week so we had maybe an extra little bit of time to have a look at it. We got a round in the golf course on Wednesday last week. Didn't play it obviously until Saturday. But to get a practice, a full practice round in on Saturday, I had a really good look without the pressure of anybody else around. A little bit extra practice on Sunday and Monday. Took the pressure off the early part of the week this week. So I felt like I needed to have at least two looks at it and got that in, which was good.

Q. What was the key in the birdie stretch you had there?

RICHARD GREEN: Just good putting. I actually was able to hit some really good putts at the right time there. Other than that, hitting was pretty good, gave myself a chance to knock 'em in. You got to get a little bit fortunate to hole putts at times, so I'll take them.

Q. Was there any one or two putts that were real key in kind of keeping some momentum?

RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, absolutely. I missed one earlier, which I said that, but I made another birdie on, I think it was No. 6 I think, or 5. I think I birdied, didn't I? 5, I birdied. So I bogeyed the par-3 then birdied straight away. That was kind of the key to getting some momentum back going early. Then from the rest of the nine there, nice solid birdie on 7. Got me going again.

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