KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

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PGA Frisco

Frisco, Texas, USA

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Dave McNabb

Q. Tell me about the ace.

DAVE McNABB: So fumbling around the front nine a little bit and a couple over par. And got to the 8th tee -- had a nice up-and-down the hole before -- and had 163 yards. Wind was blowing a little bit into the wind. Kind of in between a couple clubs. Landed on a 7-iron. Hit it, hit a really solid shot. Started coming down, I saw one bounce and I just kind of went to pick my tee up and my caddie said, Hey, it disappeared, it went in. Good stuff, so, yeah.

Q. It's history, right.

DAVE McNABB: First one here.

Q. This place is going to hold a lot of majors, it's kind of neat.

DAVE McNABB: Some pretty cool stuff. Yeah. Always fun to have in a competition.

Q. How many aces for you?

DAVE McNABB: That's my 7th.

Q. How many in competition?

DAVE McNABB: Three. I had one in the National Club Pro at Turning Stone a bunch years ago and one in a section event.

Q. That's a lot.

DAVE McNABB: Yeah, yeah. Pretty good stuff.

Q. You played in a lot of majors.

DAVE McNABB: This is my 10th. Yeah.

Q. What's your comfort level playing in these things?

DAVE McNABB: You know, it's pretty good right now. Unfortunately, I just haven't seemed to really capitalize on the fact that I feel like I'm -- I feel like I have the game to compete here, which is a little disappointing. But yeah, I feel comfortable now being out here and doing this again full-time. So I feel like I can compete out here a little bit on the regular tour not so much. Those guys just hit it forever. But, yeah, pretty good right now.

Q. What was your run-up like? Were you able to get some practice in or?

DAVE McNABB: A little bit. We were out at the PPC in New Mexico in the first of May and got back and had a little bit of a busy stretch, but picked and chose a couple spots to hit some balls. And then really didn't have many section events at home. I only played in one section event. But I got here plenty early enough, got a couple looks at the golf course, was ready to go.

Q. What do you think of the golf course?

DAVE McNABB: Golf course is great. It's really, really good. A lot of similarities to my course at home. Gil Hanse did our course there. It was one of the first ones that he did. Back in 2001 that opened for play. So, yeah, I can see a lot of similarities. I love the golf course, I love the layout.

Q. Is it Applebrook? What's it like? What's your day like there?

DAVE McNABB: It starts pretty early in the morning. At work by 6:30, 7 o'clock. Just kind of hanging out and greeting members. I got a really, really good staff who does a great job taking care of the place, especially when I'm not there. But a typical day involves anything from member play to a few lessons, club fitting potentially, member tournaments, doing some merchandising. All the stuff that we do. Kind of keep things moving in the right direction.

Q. When you get home and you're able to take this experience home to the members, what's that like? They're going to be quizzing you about the ace, right?

DAVE McNABB: It's always great. I get such great support from the members at home and they're always rooting me on and cheering me on. I'm really blessed that way. It's a significant amount of time away from work sometimes and they embrace it and they support it and they really cheer me on. So I'm grateful for that.

Q. Is there an open tab today at the club bar?

DAVE McNABB: There probably is now. I imagine there's some guys probably having a couple drinks, but it's all good, they're welcome to it.

Q. Will they put it on you?

DAVE McNABB: I don't know if they will or not, but they're welcome to, for sure.

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