KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

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PGA Frisco

Frisco, Texas, USA

Friday, May 26, 2023

Tim Weinhart

Q. How was it?

TIM WEINHART: It was hard. (Laughing.) I've been hitting it good and we had the, we had some interesting times this morning on the driving range. The driver face cracked on me. The pro shop guys here came to the rescue and found an extra head. It's not even, it's the right manufacturer but it's not the same model, so I hit three balls on the range with it before I took it to play golf. That's it. I had the same shaft, thank God, but, yeah, and I hit it.

Q. What do you usually play? Do you play a Stealth?

TIM WEINHART: It's a Stealth 2 Plus and this is a Stealth 2, but the weight on the back is different.

Q. How did you hit it?

TIM WEINHART: Pretty good most of the day (wind noise).

Q. What was your tee time when it happened?

TIM WEINHART: When it happened it was 35 minutes beforehand, but I didn't have a driver in my hands until 12:18. And I know that because then we took a cart to the driving range and I got back over here about 12:21 or 12:22. I hit three balls with it and that was it. So, yeah.

Q. Well, you responded well. I'm sure the heart was skipping a few beats.

TIM WEINHART: Oh, I was, I was -- yeah. But thankfully I got great support system and they told me to just chill.

Q. Did you do anything special down the stretch to stay inside that cut line?

TIM WEINHART: Made some good par saves today. I putted better today. I hit it really, really, really good yesterday and got nothing out of my round. Today I hit it okay, but I made some putts. I made probably about a, I don't know, 8, 9 -- how long was the putt on 16? 8 to 10 feet for par.

Q. 16? Yeah?

TIM WEINHART: I hit it like eight feet for birdie on 17. (Wind noise) but that's okay.

Q. And then on 18?

TIM WEINHART: 18, good wedge shot to about 12, 14 feet below the hole and landed over the edge and (wind noise). A lot of good golf.

Q. You don't do this every week, so what's the sense of accomplishment coming here and playing on the weekend?

TIM WEINHART: A lot. (Wind noise) I got to see him again this week and I know a bunch of these guys pretty good, but these guys are really good. I work at it, but these guys are just unbelievable. They're really good. They're really good. I hit it sometimes as good, but (wind noise) they get it in the hole faster than I do.

Q. Did you start the week as an alternate?


Q. When did you find you were in?

TIM WEINHART: Monday night late.

Q. Did you figure you were going to get in?

TIM WEINHART: I was first, first club pro alternate. And then that put me in (wind noise) overall when they started the list. When I got to three or four -- I didn't buy my ticket until Sunday morning. Flew out Monday. Yeah, no.

Q. Atlanta to here?

TIM WEINHART: Yeah. Thankfully it's an easy flight so that was easy.

Q. As a PGA member what do you think about PGA Frisco?

TIM WEINHART: It's pretty cool. This place is amazing. The facilities are really, really good. The golf course is awesome. Tee boxes could be a little bit more level. Otherwise, and I'm sure he already has, but the rest of it is really, really, really awesome. Services are great. The club services are great. The rest of it is really good.

Q. Aside from the chaoticness with the driver, but what role does your experience play? You've done a bunch of these and maybe a couple --

TIM WEINHART: My caddie. His name is Steve. He's been my friend for 30 plus years. Steve Johnston. And he just told me, Hey, look, we've done this before, don't worry about it. So, the good news is I have played in a few tournaments, so (wind noise) so I played in a few, so I know it.

Q. (No Microphone.)

TIM WEINHART: This is six on the Regular Tour and this is the third one on the Senior Tour. So nine. PGA Frisco is nice. It's awesome. And the service and staff are awesome.

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