KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

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PGA Frisco

Frisco, Texas, USA

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Cameron Doan

Q. 1-over after three rounds. How are you feeling?

CAMERON DOAN: Feeling good. The golf course, the greens sped up a little bit today. Some really good hole locations on some of the shorter holes that tested us. I didn't play the wedge holes very good, I played the rest of it pretty good. I had a great time playing three days with Harrison Frazier is great and Phillip was great today. So everything's good.

Q. Great start, not seeing a lot of 3s on 10. Take us through that one.

CAMERON DOAN: Yeah, dead in the fan, driver, 4-iron right out of the gate is tough. I would have taken 4 and not played the hole. So to have the 20-footer fall in there was just a bonus.

Q. Seemed pretty steady throughout. Could you tell us a little bit about the birdie at 17 and number 8?

CAMERON DOAN: Had a really good yardage on 17 that was a front pin. There wasn't much room to land it. All I had to do was hit the exact same distance I hit it yesterday, which was 25 feet past the hole. And I flushed it and it worked.

Then, same thing, had a good number one 8. Phillip hit a good shot in there so I knew what to hit. Felt comfortable with the number.

Q. Then you're right in the middle of the hunt for low pro, leading that actually right now, low club pro. What are your thoughts on that, how big a goal was that this week?

CAMERON DOAN: To be honest, it didn't start out as a goal. It is one now. Probably try not to think about that tomorrow and just go play. But it would be an honor to stand on that 18th green with whoever wins this golf tournament. That would be cool. That would be cool.

Q. What in your game has seemed really good this week?

CAMERON DOAN: The driver and the putter have both been very good all three days. Iron game's been good. Wedge game's been kind of hit and miss. Hit three or four really good wedge shots and then hit a couple today that weren't very good. But driver and the putter have been linchpins for sure.

Q. That works, right?

CAMERON DOAN: Yeah, if you do those two things well and you pay attention you ought to be able to get it around.

Q. How far back do you go with Harrison?

CAMERON DOAN: So I've known Harrison since I moved here in '99. Been around him off and on a lot obviously and what a class act.

Q. What's your game plan between now and your first tee shot tomorrow?

CAMERON DOAN: Well, I'm going to go to work for a little while. Got a couple things to go do. And then get off my feet. Have dinner -- my mom's still here, she leaves tomorrow. So we'll have dinner with her and chill out and try and get a good night's sleep and one more time.

Q. How far are we here door to door from Preston Trail?

CAMERON DOAN: 25 miles maybe. Right down the tollway. Doesn't take very long. Once they get that exit open it will be really quick. Yeah, it's quick.

Q. What's it been like for you to be able to share this week with your son?

CAMERON DOAN: It's been great. He's been great. He's one of the few people on the planet that when I get mad at myself he can get me out of it pretty quick. And if the first thing he tries doesn't work he gets more aggressive and the second one always works. He's been good at the numbers and being between clubs, talking me through what to do. So not only has it been great being with him, but he's been a good caddie.

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