KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

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PGA Frisco

Frisco, Texas, USA

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Dave McNabb

Q. Tell me a little bit about today and just the thrill of what you did yesterday to have the chance.

DAVE McNABB: Yesterday was awesome. I really kind of hung in there early in the round and all of a sudden got to the back nine and had a couple nice par saves early. And then just started making a bunch of birdies. Hitting a lot of quality shots, making some really nice putts. Yeah, it was probably one of the best rounds I've had in my career as far as golf goes, for sure.

Today was a little different. Today was, I didn't hit the ball bad today, I just, I made a poor decision on the 11th hole after I put my tee shot in a bad spot. Made a double bogey there.

Q. At 11?

DAVE McNABB: On 11, yeah. And then 3-putted, hit a smart shot into 14, the par-5 and just really hit a poor first putt. Ran it about a decent amount. Then missed a relatively short putt on 16, another 3-putt. Then played pretty solid. Made a nice birdie on 18. Got up-and-down from the back bunker. Made the turn, was playing pretty steady. I caught a flier lie out of the rough on No. 5. I hit a 9-iron that went about 170 yards, it usually goes about 145. Chipped it down about five feet and just kind of missed my line on that putt. And then made a nice birdie on 8, which is I think it's going to be my hole, I played it in five strokes in three rounds.

Q. What did you hit in there today?

DAVE McNABB: I hit 8-iron in there today. But was it about 10, 12 feet maybe? Maybe a little longer. 15 feet. Hit a nice putt and then made a nice up-and-down on 18 out of the greenside bunker to save par. All in all I'm pleased with the way I played today, would obviously would like to have been a little bit better but could have been a little worse too. A couple putts go in, we'll see what happens.

Q. It was nice to answer yesterday because I could tell on Thursday you were a little frustrated, your game's a lot better than that.

DAVE McNABB: To say the least. To say the least. That's a very fair assessment. I feel like the way I played Thursday, you're exactly right, the game's much better than that. Yesterday I was fortunate enough that it showed up and I played damn near as well as I can play, especially in a major championship.

Q. One off the low round of the day there.

DAVE McNABB: Yeah. Yeah. Today I felt like I played okay today. I just made a couple, a couple unforced errors that probably cost me two or three shots. So we'll try to clean that up this afternoon and go out there tomorrow and maybe do what I did yesterday.

Q. Can you make a run at the low pro?

DAVE McNABB: I think so. I think Cameron is's at plus 1, I'm at plus 4. So, yeah, I mean, anything can happen. If I start making a few birdies -- and he's obviously a great player, so I'm going to have to do something to catch him, but that's kind of the goal in mind right now.

Q. What is it about that 8th hole?

DAVE McNABB: I have no idea.

Q. Did you like it when you saw it early in the week?

DAVE McNABB: Yeah, I like all the holes out here. I think Gil did a phenomenal job. He designed our golf course back home and there's a lot of similarities. Yeah, I mean it's just one of those things, I hit a couple good shots and now I think just mentally you're just going up there expecting something good to happen. So, yeah, we're going to go with that.

Q. Five shots, not too bad.

DAVE McNABB: Yeah, it's about as good as I've got in three rounds, for sure.

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