KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

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PGA Frisco

Frisco, Texas, USA

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Mark Brown

Q. (No microphone.)

MARK BROWN: I drove it good on every day. Practice rounds I hit it down there with 5-, 6-irons in and I was kind of between 5 and 6 today, so I said just a soft 5 and I caught it like two grooves thin, I hit a few 5-irons thin this week, and it just didn't carry. So I got a good number for my layup, 95 yards. I thought I hit a perfect one in there and it ricocheted off Ricardo's ball and ended up being, I don't know, 50 yards away. And I thought I hit a good putt on the last one and it didn't go in. So hit a lot of --

Q. How long was the last putt?

MARK BROWN: Four feet, maybe. So it was a good week. Just a bad finish.

Q. I saw you pat your chest on 18 after your tee shot. What were you thinking?

MARK BROWN: That was the hard part, getting it in the fairway there. And I knew I hit it, I got it down the fairway and I knew I was going to have a 5- or 6-iron in there and hoping for birdie or eagle and just, I don't know, just didn't happen.

Q. And you were twins with Ernie on the drive, right?

MARK BROWN: I was a little past him.

Q. That must have felt good.

MARK BROWN: Yeah, yeah. I hit one on 16, I had one out there 374 and he hit it 342. So he was impressive.

Q. What good will you take out of this week?

MARK BROWN: I really didn't hit many bad shots out there. Maybe the one on 10, tee ball, and that last shot. Other than that really didn't hit a whole lot of bad shots all week. So I just didn't make any putts. My putting was cold all week. I had over 30 putts every day. But I hit it good. So I think if I get the putter going I'll start doing a little better. But definitely didn't make some putts.

Q. You went out nice. You had a nice front nine.

MARK BROWN: Yeah it was good. Everyone was nice to talk to. I played with Ricardo a bunch and he's a good guy, just kind of caught a groove. I was hitting it good again. Picking targets and hitting them. Not making any putts really. But just kind of moving along, moving along. Hit a bad tee ball on 10. Bad second shot, bad third shot. But ended up making double. And I just said, there's a couple birdie holes coming in -- and again 14 I hit a 4-iron in there, I hit it in the hazard. Ended up making par.

15, I hit a close 1-5 feet, missed that one. So if I had made some putts it would have made it a lot less stressful coming in.

Q. So as it stands right now you're tied with Weinhart in the clubhouse for low club pro. Doan is still out, could move up or tie. What would it mean to you if you once again finish low club pro?

MARK BROWN: Again, it's just, for us club pros that are working a lot, it means a lot. You come here for a week and play with the best players in the world and, first of all, make the cut. And then you compete against, I think 11 club pros made it this week. So it's kind of cool that everyone's stepping up their game. It's good to see 11 guys make it. Usually it's not that many. So it would mean the world and it's kind of the goal coming here, make the cut and then try and get low club pro. And again, the way the week started out, I shot 4-over the first round, so kind of fought my way back too, which is good.

Q. When did you see the pairing with Ernie and what were your thoughts there?

MARK BROWN: Last night some time. It was kind of cool. I kind of figured I had a chance to get paired with him. And I heard good, nothing but good things. And he was super out there today. He was very chatty. Really good guy. And he's from Jupiter and from Hobe Sound. So he says we're going to team up for a couple things.

Q. That would be awesome. Channel some of that kind of tempo as you watch that guy.

MARK BROWN: Yeah, it's good. If he had made some putts too, same thing, he'll shoot nothing. He hits it good.

Q. When are you back on at home on the practice tee?

MARK BROWN: I'm going tomorrow I'm going to Iowa, Des Moines for the Tuesday qualifier for the Champions Tour. If I make it I'll be there for the week. If I don't I'll be back.

Q. You play in a lot of those?

MARK BROWN: I did last year, I did 'em all last year. Made a couple. But this year going to stay home and teach.

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