KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

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Harbor Shores

Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA

Friday, May 24, 2024

Brian Gay

Q. Brian Gay with us now at the 84th KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship. Brian, another 67 for you today. How would you summarize your second round?

BRIAN GAY: Good start again today. Got a couple really bad bogeys there in the middle right before the delay and right after.

Drove the ball better. Drove the ball really good today. Hit a lot of good shots when we went back out this evening. Finished with a nice birdie there on 9. Just missed the green with a wedge, pitching wedge on 18 and sand wedge on 1 and made bogey, which short-sided myself both times.

Other than that, I played really nice.

Q. Any change in conditions once you got back out there?

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, the wind picked up and flipped around. It was out of the west when we started and went kind of southeast, east southeast. Blowing pretty good.

Q. Make it tricky?

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, there were some good shots. No, 4 I imagine is the hardest hole out there; 210, back left pin, the wind is howling left to right off that water over there.

Yeah, it was a little -- holes kind of flipped around what I was expecting without the delay.

Q. What did you do during the delay? How do you keep yourself motivated, in the groove, or whatever?

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, I had a sandwich and just sat there and talked for a few minutes. Watched a little bit of the Colonial coverage.

I was surprised because it just started pouring rain and they said the range is open in five minutes. I was like what? What are we doing?

So that threw me off. I sat there and didn't hit too many balls, so went out and hit a few just about ten minutes before we left. Still felt pretty loose.

Q. How is your forearm?

BRIAN GAY: A little better than earlier in the week. Did some different treatment on it last night with some stim and ice. It's gotten a little bit better actually.

Q. How does it feel to be right in the thick of it into the weekend?

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, it's good. Good spot. Yeah, got a chance on the weekend. Hopefully the weather holds out for us. I know Sunday looks pretty bad. All you can do the first two days is try to get up there and give yourself a chance.

Q. You're having a Florida Gator's reunion there at the top of the leaderboard.

BRIAN GAY: Dunlap, yeah.

Q. And DiMarco.

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, that's right, DiMarco. I saw that. Yeah, he played really nice this morning. Of course Scott just won in Houston. Yeah, I don't think I'm going to be playing with either one of them. Maybe Sunday.

Q. Did it help you that Richard was going along so well these last couple days?

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, I think that's always good. Gave me -- at least going out today I felt like him being right -- you know they played, shot low this morning, but he is up there around the lead and kind of gave me something to see and chase as I'm playing out there.

Yeah, it's always good to have some guys playing well in the group.

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