KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

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Harbor Shores

Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Ernie Els

Q. Ernie Else with us at the 84th KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship. Ernie, a 69 today and heading into Sunday you'll be tied for the lead. What's your approach tomorrow?

ERNIE ELS: Yeah, I'm fortunate enough to be up there. You know, 10-under is leading at the moment; 12-under was leading yesterday. You know, I played solid. I didn't play spectacular, but played solid enough to get myself up there.

I thought conditions were tougher today than yesterday. You know, took us almost six hours to play unfortunately. There was a big cut, a lot of players, so hopefully we can move better tomorrow.

All in all, I'm hitting it pretty solid and kept it together.

Q. How did it feel on 18 to first stuff one in there tight and then bury it?

ERNIE ELS: That was so nice. It was really nice to obviously end with a birdie and knowing that you're in the final group now, and, you know, you're kind of set for tomorrow.

After bogeying 9 yesterday, my last hole, and then birdieing today, so I've got a little different attitude. Yeah, that was pretty big. There is a lot of guys in it, but I needed to make that putt to play in the last group.

Q. What was your club in?

ERNIE ELS: I had a nice drive and 136, so I had a pitching wedge to about six feet, whatever it was. I had a good read from Rich, made a good putt for a change.

Keep that up.

Q. As you look to tomorrow, what's the biggest key for you to get you going out there?

ERNIE ELS: You got to just grind. It's that type of week I think. You know, it's a difficult course. It can be if you get out of position. You got to take your medicine. You got to play conservatively here and there. There is help in some of the greens with the banks. You can bank it off some of the greens to flags.

But I'm a shot maker, so I feel like it suits me. I can hit fades or draws into the greens, and, yeah, and then just got to make the putts.

Q. You said the conditions were a little more difficult today because of the wind.

ERNIE ELS: Yeah, it was a bit more northerly, so a lot of the difficult holes were playing into the wind, you know, like No. 7. Yesterday was a little wedge; today was a 6-iron for your second shot.

Some of the par-3s, No. 17 was a good 4-, 5-iron. 18 was into the wind. So some of the holes -- and 14 played really difficult.

So, yeah, you could see it in the scoring. I think maybe the guys got a little fatigued and it was a quick turnaround yesterday, too.

Q. We know your resume. The four majors and stuff like that. You a little surprised that you haven't won one after turning 50?

ERNIE ELS: Yeah, I mean, these guys are good, man. I haven't really fired on all my cylinders. I've been missing a couple either in the putting or driving or something, you know.

I'm trying to put all the pieces together. I didn't have a great time, you know, from 45 to 50, you know, playing on the regular TOUR, so to kind of piece it back together has taken a bit longer.

I've played really decent golf on the Champions Tour but haven't had the wins that I've been aiming for.

Q. So going into tomorrow, any specific preparations you're taking for the final round?

ERNIE ELS: Food, water, glass of win, and a lot of rest. How is that?

Q. That's great.

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