KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

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Harbor Shores

Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Richard Bland

Q. Was a lot tougher condition-wise and wind.

RICHARD BLAND: Yeah, a little bit.

Q. Yeah.

RICHARD BLAND: But I just didn't have it today. Just a struggling day. You know, but it was the best I was going to do, you know. Gave every shot everything, so it is what it is.

So hopefully try and play better tomorrow.

Q. Did you feel you lose some momentum on 8 and 9 -- I'm sorry, 9 and 10?

RICHARD BLAND: Yeah, a little bit. Trying to make -- I don't know what it is, the 8th is probably the easiest hole on the course and I struggled with it all week.

Yeah, and then tough first putt on 9 anyway. It's never great.

Yeah, on 10 I hit what I thought was a good pitch shot and it's like at least eight yards out. I couldn't believe it. I'm trying to hit it like high 70 yardage, and that's something that I practice a lot. I thought I played the shot exactly how I wanted to and it's not even close, you know.

So, yeah, you know, to take 6 there, from the center of the fairway, that was tough. Hit it close on the next, don't make birdie, bogey the next and three-putt the next.

But I think we were all kind of struggling today. Scotty struggled and Chris wasn't really doing much, and just I think we are all dragging each other down, you know.

So nobody got off to a good start that we could kind of follow or anything like that.

Q. Yeah.

RICHARD BLAND: It is what it is. One off the lead, so...

Q. Wake up tomorrow with a chance to win this thing.

RICHARD BLAND: It's kind of that, isn't it? It's kind of that mentality. If someone offered you a shot off the lead at the start of the week, probably would've taken it. Doesn't quite feel as good as that right now, but just got to get on with it.

Been around enough to know that you're going to have some poor days. Of course you are. But do a little bit of work now and just try and get a little bit of just better feel for the golf swing and do a little bit of putting.

Yeah, hopefully come out strong tomorrow.

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