KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

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Harbor Shores

Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Tracy Phillips

Q. You survived it.

TRACY PHILLIPS: Survived, yes. It was a pretty decent day. Just didn't make putts.

Q. Yeah.

TRACY PHILLIPS: When it comes down to it just didn't make putts this week.

Q. What did you think of the week as a whole outside of the putter?

TRACY PHILLIPS: You know, I enjoyed it. I made a couple mental mistakes yesterday for sure, couple bad swings. That's all it takes out here. Just a couple of those things and then not converting on some up and downs. I had some good looks that I didn't take advantage of.

You got to make putts out here to compete and do well for sure.

Q. And you're saying you've been dealing with a plantar.


Q. So happy to get through the two weeks, a lot of walking.

TRACY PHILLIPS: Yeah, this is a lot of walking. Started acting up pretty bad in Frisco and never really has gotten that much better.

But, yeah, I'm fortunate to have played two major championships and it's been a blast.

Q. So Jason Caron, I know you guys are ten years apart, but he's two shots off the lead right now.

TRACY PHILLIPS: It's awesome.

Q. 6-under for the day.


Q. I mean, you guys don't do this all the time. To step in the ropes and perform like that, what's that mean?

TRACY PHILLIPS: Yeah, I mean, obviously Jason is having a heck of a week. The greens are perfect. If you drive the ball good and hit it in there close and you're putting good you can make some putts out here.

That's obviously what he's doing.

Q. Like you, he's got a great short game.

TRACY PHILLIPS: Yeah, you're going to miss some greens out here and it's just -- it's those momentum savers that really sustain a round. I'm sure that what's it's doing all this week.

Q. What did your finish here two years ago do for you?

TRACY PHILLIPS: Gave me a lot of confidence. Felt like I could come out here and compete and play. You know, I failed to have put four days together where I really did every thing good.

But all in all, I'm pleased with kind of how I played. I got to go back and work on some putting.

But mentally I feel good. Like I said, feel like I can compete out here for the most part when I'm putting well.

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