KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

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Harbor Shores

Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Bob Sowards

Q. How was your week?

BOB SOWARDS: Yeah, my week, I hit so many good shots but I just give shots away. I'm not sharp. With my knee I just haven't played or practiced enough, so it's like I hit a bad shot it's double just because I hit it in the wrong spot.

So I led the league in others this week.

Q. What's going on with your knee?

BOB SOWARDS: My knee replacement surgery two months ago.

Q. Which one?

BOB SOWARDS: My left. So I got a lot of hang-back going.

Q. Yeah.

BOB SOWARDS: He said four months I would be good, which it's been two, so I can't -- I guess I can't expect a lot. Doesn't hurt to swing but it's subconscious not wanting to get deep on that side.

Just hit too many bad shots but hit a lot of good shots. Only entertainment out there today was watching the leaderboard and rooting for Jason. (Indiscernible - wind.)

Q. Yeah, he was 6 on the day. He bogeyed -- he missed short one at 15 and bogeyed 14. He just stuffed it at 16.

BOB SOWARDS: All right, perfect.

Q. So what does that mean for all of you?

BOB SOWARDS: We're a group, you know. It's cool and it's like we have a brotherhood. So only thing I was looking at, I mean, if I made a birdie I wished I could give it to him.

Having played well a few years ago I know what he's going through and it's just so good to see one of my brothers up there on the leaderboard contending for the win.

Q. Yeah, one out.

BOB SOWARDS: Couple bogeys, but hopefully he can birdie out and get in there.

Q. Probably similar to you, like he played some on the TOUR so has some experience, but he's not doing this much. To step out on this stage and perform...

BOB SOWARDS: Yeah, it's amazing just kind of having the dream week like I did, like Michael Block couple years ago at the PGA, or last year at the PGA. It's just one to watch.

Like I said every leaderboard I was really looking at him hard.

Q. Yeah, you know him much or play with him?

BOB SOWARDS: I played with him on the PGA Cup team in 2018. So I've played a few times.

Q. Solid game.

BOB SOWARDS: Yeah, absolutely.

Q. Coming out here, playing the length and...

BOB SOWARDS: Yeah, he's solid. Obviously he can handle the pressure, too, so that's awesome.

Q. What's next for you?

BOB SOWARDS: Just go home, play section stuff, try to rehab my knee. They said July I'll be good, so hopefully I can qualify for the Senior British. That's the goal.

Q. Finally, when you had the big finish at Souther Hills, what did it do for you when you got home?

BOB SOWARDS: Gives you a lot of confidence obviously. You know, unfortunately didn't give me any starts out there which kind of sucks. Gives you a lot of confidence and knowing that my game will stack up again the best seniors in the world. So gives me a lot of confidence going forward.

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