KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

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Harbor Shores

Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Richard Green

Q. Richard, what was it like out there today being in the middle of all these things?

RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, exciting to be -- to have a chance. I felt like I had some opportunities early and I missed the birdie at the second, missed a birdie at the third, and sort of thought, well, is this going to happen.

The guys started playing really well. Chris and Jason played amazingly good golf all day really. Credit to them.

But I suppose as the round progressed I sort of hung in there and got myself back with a couple of birdies and turned under par and felt like I was still half a chance of getting in there.

And then obviously to make another couple eagles.

Q. I know. I know. My gosh, take me through those.

RICHARD GREEN: To eagle 12 from the fairway, you don't expect that at all. The ball was -- just wanted to get it over the ridge and knew it would be down.

Q. Yeah. Traveled for a while on the green. What was your club and distance?

RICHARD GREEN: I reckon I had 139 yards and just hit half an 8-iron. It was just puffing in the breeze a little bit. I didn't feel like 9-iron could get over the ridge, so just knocked the 8-iron and it was the right shot in the end.

Q. And then 15?

RICHARD GREEN: 15, I had a really good drive over the bunker down the left. Tee was forward, so we had an opportunity. I knew the pin position was gettable today from where they located the hole.

I thought, if I can get the drive down there far enough and get into an iron shot, good chance of hitting it close. Hit a great iron shot, a 4-iron in there to about maybe 12 feet right of the hole and just rolled it in.

Q. You ever make that many eagles in one week?

RICHARD GREEN: I can't remember the last eagle I made prior to this week. Five in a week, just awesome.

Q. Nice at Augusta with all that crystal.

RICHARD GREEN: Oh, man. Hey, just getting the score down and somehow I got a score down in finished second.

Q. Richard was just going to be tough to catch, right?


Q. I think he was 5-under on the (indiscernible - talking at the same time). He took care of business.

RICHARD GREEN: The way he played today, all credit to him for wining that way. (Indiscernible) you know, I'm pleased that I've come out and played well on a really challenging golf course. It's very satisfying. That's for sure. To even play as well as I did. So, you know, keep hanging in there for the next opportunity.

Q. What can the momentum of that do for you moving forward?

RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, just think it adds to your confidence and belief that you can hang in there under pressure, you can take it all the way to the end. You know, that's all you can really take out of it.

I work so hard on my game in the background and it's up to me to be mentally strong in those situations. Obviously dealing with that today and over the course of this week on a really challenging golf course, yeah.

Q. Really good. One final one. Jason is supposed to be behind the pro shop counter tomorrow back at work.


Q. It's kind of neat for a guy that does this once every now and again, right?

RICHARD GREEN: Yeah. I was so impressed with his game. Unbelievably good. You know, he swung the club really well. Looked unflappable. Played really well early. Holed putts.

Even down the last on the tee, I see 18 as a really demanding tee shot, and to get it in play, execute it -- and the second shot, you know, might not have hit that great of a second shot, but the drive was beautiful. He hits it good enough to be out on the Champions Tour full time. No problem.

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