Omnium Banque Nationale

Friday, 12 August 2022

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Daniel Evans

Mixed Zone Quotes

D. EVANS/T. Paul

1-6, 6-3, 6-4

Q. Tell us about the match tonight.

DANIEL EVANS: The crowd, that's what they buy their tickets for. That's live sport. You never know what's going to happen.

It was an amazing match, amazing atmosphere. I played on the court before. In the day it was amazing, but at night, there's something about playing sport at night, it's extra special.

Q. The possibility of facing another Brit in Draper, or Carreno, have you thought about that matchup?

DANIEL EVANS: No, not yet. Hopefully those boys have a great match. Jack's an amazing talent. He's going to be around. You're going to see him here 10 years easy. It's a great moment for him.

I hope he goes out there, enjoys it, whatever happens. Carreno is a great player, experienced pro. Underestimated a lot. He's a very tough opponent.

Q. Did you do anything differently after losing the first set?

DANIEL EVANS: No. I just didn't think he could carry that on. If he did, I had to walk off and shake his hand.

Yeah, I didn't think it was a 6-1 set. I had points to hold at the start. He was too good, yeah.

Q. Was there a turning point?

DANIEL EVANS: I don't think so. He missed a few balls in the third, then I really stayed on him. There was a lot of pressure on his serve, I felt.

Q. You're matching your best result at a Masters 1000, another semifinal. How do you feel?

DANIEL EVANS: Of course, I'm happy. Listen, anybody who tells you they don't think about the position in the tournament they are, they're lying. You take care of business, but it's always in the back of your head what part of the tournament you're in.

Yeah, of course, I'm happy. I know it's a quarterfinal. I know if I win, I get into the semi. I get it. But it's what you play tennis for. It's why I'm out here fighting, trying each day with the practice, with the fitness. That's why you play, for moments like that.

If I come unstuck in the semis, so be it. We go on to Cincinnati.

Q. Were you more focusing on singles or doubles coming here this week?

DANIEL EVANS: No, singles. I was just joking with the British doubles guys that I just fancied a games of doubles this week (smiling). It's just a joke with those guys.

Q. You're carrying on with the doubles, right?

DANIEL EVANS: Yeah, no matter what.

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