Portland Classic

Friday, September 1, 2023

Portland, Oregon, USA

Columbia Edgewater Country Club

Megan Khang

Quick Quotes

Q. Okay, Megan Khang, our clubhouse leader at the moment. Another really solid round. Are you sure there is nothing about this course that you really, really like? I know yesterday you said it had nothing to do with the designer. Tell me how this course suits your game.

MEGAN KHANG: Honestly, just trying to take advantage of the soft conditions. I think this is the softest we've played it here. I know I missed the past couple years here, but I feel like in years prior the course was typically pretty firm.

So just trying to capitalize on some softer greens while you can. I know it's going to heat up come the weekend, so really just trying to set a good pace and trying to keep it going.

Again, trying to take advantage of some holes that I can and try to limit the mistakes.

Q. As it does dry out, how do you plan to adjust?

MEGAN KHANG: You know, I think it's just kind of you got to deal with what you get. You don't really know until you kind of play a few hole, or the first hole specifically.

And, you know, just kind of take mental notes and kind of being aware of the surroundings, see where other groups and other competitors are hitting the ball and how their balls are reacting on the course.

So definitely going to pay a lot of attention out there, and at the same time, just try to focus on my own game.

Q. Another eagle on the card for you on 5. Can you take us through it?

MEGAN KHANG: That one, 5, was a lot less scary today. I actually hit a good drive and completely avoided the water today. Had roughly like 202 front; 229 pin. Hit like a soft 2-wood in and was able to get pin-lie left.

Funny enough I was telling Jack that it feels like we been having that same putt, like left-to-right, right-and-left on the side of the greens just because in the pro-am I was there, practice round I was there, and yesterday I was also there.

So I had a pretty good feeling and just kind of put a good stroke on it, and very fortunate to make it.

Q. Walking in here very relaxed off the course with the lead. How different does it feel coming from last week and having a victory under your belt versus now?

MEGAN KHANG: Honestly I think it's just I feel kind of mellowed out because I bogeyed the last hole. No one likes bogeying the last, but definitely gives you something more to work on.

It's been kind of like a long week it feels like, but overall I think I've kind of just come to this week kind of going, hey, game is in a good place. Mentally a little tired, but sometimes that can be a good thing. Just not over-exhausting myself out there and take it one shot at time and relax when I can out there.

It's a long week.

Q. Are there any specific moments on the course where you kind of relaxed a little bit or where you were able to use that to your advantage?

MEGAN KHANG: To be honest, we were a little behind today from the jump. I think we had a warning after like our third hole.

So wasn't really good time for us to kind of relax until kind of the back nine, until you got to the reachable par-5s. So it was pretty fun out there. You can take little mental breaks in between your shot and the other players in the group.

So I think trying to just escape into my own little world throughout the entire round just helps.

Q. At what point in time did you get taken back off the clock?

MEGAN KHANG: We never got on the clock. Just a warning.

Q. As we move into moving day tomorrow, what's sort of the game plan?

MEGAN KHANG: You know, it's going to sound like a broken record, fairways and greens, and we'll see how the course dries out.

But it's a long day. I played in the morning, so I know there is like a few low scores that happened yesterday that are about to go out now, so by the end of the day we'll see where we stand and just kind of take it from there.

Q. Okay, this is the last question: You have mentioned being a little tired after the celebration. How are you resting? What are you doing to take care of yourself and rest your mind, your body?

MEGAN KHANG: I've honestly just been going home right after each round. Some practice here and there, but other than that, I've just kind of been just taking it easy.

I started a new show on Netflix, and so I guess that's how I'm kind of decompressing when I go back to the house.

Q. What show?

MEGAN KHANG: It's The Ultimatum, season two. It's so dramatic and it's wicked funny.

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