T-Mobile Match Play presented by MGM Rewards

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Pajaree Anannarukarn

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: All right, here now with Pajaree, defending champion of the T Mobile Match Play presented by MGM Rewards. Pajaree, welcome back to Shadow Creek. How does it feel to be back agriculture defending champion?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: Very excited to be back here. Obviously it's always nice to be back to where it holds such a special memory, holds a special place in your heart, so I'm very happy to be back.

Q. When you think about your win last year, what are some things that stick out and some highlights and some of the best things you remember?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: There is a lot of great moment last year. It was a very, very good week for me. Obviously I was able to pull out some really good golf, and was able to win the tournament was unexpected a little bit, but I'm glad I was able to do well last year.

Q. With the change in format this year, obviously playing a couple days of stroke play before match play, how does that maybe change some of your strategy as you head into the week?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: I mean, the strategy is just I try to go out there and do my game. Try to focus on what I can control out there. Obviously trying to finish top eight in order to chance to the match play, so looking forward to that.

Q. What have you made of the course so far this year? Do you feel right back at home as you did last year?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: I mean, Shadow Creek is one of my favorite stop on tour, so I think the course play a little bit different compared to last year or the previous years. It play a little bit softer, but it's always a challenge to be out here playing and always tough out here, so, yeah.

Q. We don't really get a feel for what the scores are like out here when you play match play. What kind of scores do you think we're going to be seeing in stroke play on such is difficult course?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: Total or day-to-day?

Q. Day-to-day. Are we going to see players under par?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: Again, it's always -- I would say the course is considered one of the most challenging course that we play, and that the course play a little bit softer than the previous years, so I think maybe it could be around like 3- to 4-under per day. Possible. Just depends on the setup tomorrow obviously.

But the course play more -- yeah, it's still a challenge I would say. It would be an ideal score to go that low, 4-under or 3-under per day.

Q. So when you approach holes here you're thinking par is a good score?


Q. When you're playing stroke play.

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: Every time I go out there par is good, good enough. (Smiling.)

Q. To switch gears, wondering if you could comment on the roll that Nelly Korda has been on lately. As a fellow player, what do you make of her winning something much so often?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: I think we all look up to her a lot. She's one of the best players, I mean obviously the best player in the world. It just cool to see that she keeps winning every week and how she's able to perform and show out that women's golf is nothing like -- it's just amazing to watch.

Q. When you watch her, do you take anything away from watching how she goes about playing a tournament?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: Yes. It's always fun to watch. You are able to learn something from her always. Just to see her hit the ball, and, you know, execute a shot, it's a good learning experience. And as a fellow golfer, I think we can take away a lot from her.

Q. What's like the one main thing you take away from watching her play?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: She seems very patience out there and enjoying the game of golf. You know, because sometime we just play a lot of competitive golf that we forget to enjoy.

I think that's one of the most important for all of us, to actually realize that, okay, you have to be able to enjoy it so that you can actually play some good golf.

Q. The KPMG Women's PGA Championship will be outside of Seattle in a couple months. Have you ever played Sahalee before?


Q. When do you start thinking about it? Will you try to play it early? How do you prepare for a course that's really difficult that you haven't played before?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: I mean, I always approach to every event the same way. It's on the west coast, so and as of now I don't think I'll be able to go out there any time earlier, but I'm looking forward to get some good practice round in on Monday or Tuesday and see the course.

Q. Will you talk to some players about what it's like before you go out there or not?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: I think I have a couple friends that play out there, like been there and play there, so I think the conditions are great, so really looking forward to play there. And the tough conditions as well. I think it will be a fun week.

Q. Have you ever been to Seattle before?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: Yes. I actually have a family friend this lives out there in Mercer Island, so it would be nice to maybe get time to catch up with them.

Q. What's the mindset heading into this week knowing you're defending champion? Is it any different than how would you prepare for a regular week?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: I think just try to be -- just try to approach the week as what I normally do. You know, it's always great to be back as a defending champion obviously.

Again, like this is one of my favorite stop on tour, not because I win last year, but the course itself, just every time we come back the course is always in great conditions, and I just feel like whenever I play out here, every time I look around, every angle I look to, it's always a great like line sceneries and giving me such a good feeling, so it's nice to be back.

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