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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Brittany Lincicome

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: All right, Brittany, just talk about your excitement of being here this week, especially as an MGM ambassador.

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, super grateful for the opportunity. I can't thank MGM and T-Mobile enough for giving me the sponsor invite. I haven't been her in a few years, so an honor to be back.

Just to be able to say you're playing Shadow Creek is incredible. A lot of people are super jealous back home that I get to play this beautiful golf course, which is so pretty out there. There is not one blade of grass out of place. I saw a guy raking the water hazard, like getting the leaves out the water hazard.

It's just an honor to be here and excited to play.

Q. How does this course fit some of your strengths and what are some things that -- everyone who has been up here has said it's a tough course. What are some things you can take advantage of and what are some thing that you think will trickier as the week goes on?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, there is a lot of the right-to-left holes being a draw player that are hopefully going to suit my eye pretty well, which is great. You kind of just work it around. There is a lot of dogleg holes, so sometimes you have to hit 3-wood so you don't run through the fairway.

I think keeping it in the fairway will be key, and then getting it on the right sides of the greens. The greens are probably the trickiest part. It's probably more of a second-shot golf course, just making sure you end up in the right spot.

It's going to play hard. I feel like I'm going to approach it like a U.S. Open and pars are going to be good and you can't get too frustrated if you make a bad hole. Just try to get it back on the next.

Q. It's your third event so far. How does the game feel and what's going to be the mindset heading into this week?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, felt like I played really well last week. Just the field played a lot better than I did. Putter is always the thing that's been lacking the last year or so, so just trying to build confidence with my putting. I think I missed one fairway last week, so driving it well. Irons weren't bad.

Could hit it a little bit closer, but it always comes down putting and short game, so I've been working on that. Each week I try to put in maybe an extra hour of putting on the putting green, and hopefully it'll clinic here eventually.

Q. I wanted to ask you about a couple other players out here, the other sponsor invite, McKenzie Hall, who I think you've been on tour as long as she's been alive.


Q. 19 years old. Do you remember your first time teeing it up in an LPGA event, and what she might be going through?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Oh, yeah. I feel like juniors now have a little bit more experience. Coming out they're not as nervous. I remember back in the day, like especially leading the U.S. Open my -- or before I turned pro, I mean, I was a nervous wreck. I think just stepping up and being in a different environment, you play junior golf, college golf, and then you step into an LPGA event and you don't know anybody, don't know the golf course. It's just all different.

I'm sure she'll just pull from past experiences of good shots. I'm sure it'll be fine.

For me, I was super nervous, and luckily I've always had, even to this day, family support. So hopefully she has some family out and can pull from them.

Q. Her teammates and coach are going to be out here.


Q. I'm sure she has family. What kind of advice would you give her when she steps on the tee and sees world No. 1 player hitting next to her?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, I think just have fun with it. Whether you play good, bad, whatever, just there are so many positives you can take away. Teeing it up an LPGA event I think is a pretty cool achievement at any level. So just have fun. Take it for what it is. It's a hard golf course. Just have fun.

Q. And then, you have seen a lot of really good players out here through the years, including yourself. Have you seen anyone on a roll like Nelly is lately? What would you compare her game to right now?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, not since Annika or Lorena really. It's cool to see her stepping up. Obviously a fellow American, so it's cool to see. She's just so steady. Doesn't seem like she does anything too wrong. Never seems to be too out of place.

It's just very consistent, which is what you need to play out here. So I'm obviously rooting for her. Hope she keeps it going, and it's just cool to watch, especially for American golf.

Q. As someone who has been out here for a long time, can you learn anything from her still?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: For sure. Going back to my putting I try to watch her putting stroke and it's so one-two. Just the stroke is so calm and just, I don't know, she just strokes it so well.

She is on the putting green now which is where I'm going, so I am definitely going to be looking over.

Q. Wanted to ask about Solheim Cup. I've heard you and Paula and Cristie's names floated out there as a future captain. Is that something you would think?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: I feel like I've thought about it at some point. I'm honored to be an assistant captain for now. I mean, one day it would be really cool to be a captain. We'll just see how it goes.

This year, whatever you need me to do, I'm there. Whether it is talking somebody off a ledge or making a peanut butter and jelly, I'm just there to help the team as much as I can. It is cool to be a part of. I haven't been on a Solheim for a while after having kids, and it will be kind of cool to put the red, white, and blue back on and be inside the ropes.

Q. Are you going to wear a Solheim captain kind of watch if there are some Americans playing?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Possibly. We will see how the week goes. I definitely am trying to play practice rounds with girls along the way or maybe go to dinner with some of the girls and feel them out, see how they're feeling and reassure, hey, there is a lot of golf left, anything can happen, and just go out and play your own game.

Q. Is there hope you can make the team still?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: There is definitely hope there in the back of my mind. We just need to pick it up a little bit. Yeah, never say never. But I mean, it would be cool just with two girls to either win a tournament, be on a Solheim again and show them. Even just having them with me as the assistant captain is going to be pretty cool.

Q. Stacy Lewis entered the field late. Are you guys going to swap strategies and also notes?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: For sure. Even playing in a couple events earlier this season, just obviously I don't want put any pressure on anybody, but just looking around.

Q. Obviously in your last two starts, we have seen you and your family have been here, been very supportive of you. How special that to you just knowing you have the support and are they here this week?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, it's so cool. My mom and dad even just from day one have always been there. My dad caddied my first year and a half and they still love coming out to tournaments. It's so cool 20 years later to have them out and now have my girls out. They were out last week. My mom and dad took them home this week so, it's cool to just show them a little bit of the world.

Some kids never get to leave their home state. I've already taken them multiple different cities and places, and it's just it's cool. Hopefully they remember what mommy did and does for a living. Cool memories for us to talk about later.

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