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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

McKenzi Hall

Quick Quotes

Q. I know it wasn't the day you were hoping for, but what did it mean to play on this course today and going through those emotions.

McKENZI HALL: Yeah, it meant everything to me. I definitely started really rough my first seven holes. I was stressed, and, I don't know, I never really felt that nervous before. I had a lot of people watching me.

But then I was just trying to stay positive. I wasn't expecting to shoot like way under or anything, but I just wanted to be positive about the rest of my day.

I was in good mood all day. I really didn't let anything affect me after the first seven holes. I grinded really hard. I played really well. It was really a turnaround for me, and my dad was helping me stay positive a lot, so...

Q. Speaking of that, you had a pretty large gallery. What does the support mean if you're going through some tough holes, even having them there? And they're pretty vocal about it.

McKENZI HALL: Yeah, I love all of them. They're very loud and I felt kind of bad, but it means everything to have that support. Like they all bought their tickets to come out here, and to know that like I have my first pro event and they're all here to watch, it means everything to me.

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