T-Mobile Match Play presented by MGM Rewards

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Minami Katsu

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Minami Katsu after the second round at the T-Mobile Match Play presented by MGM Rewards. Great round today. What was working so well for you and especially on No. 16 the eagle on the par-5?

MINAMI KATSU: Yeah, so yesterday my favorite Japanese baseball team lost the game. I was kind of mad at it so I was trying to play my best to recover from that.

Kind of worked well. Putted well. Ball striking was great, too. I was able to play under par.

On 16, the third shot, it was actually a bunker shot and I didn't see that go in and my caddie, Tom, saw it going in. It was a good eagle.

Q. Who is your favorite team?

MINAMI KATSU: Hanshin tigers.

Q. You told me on the way in this is your first time at this course. How does it suit your strengths and what are you still trying to navigate that might be a little bit more tricky for you?

MINAMI KATSU: Yes, the course is challenging. Especially the rough out here is very sticky and tough.

So you really have to be careful with that, especially around the green. You need lots of variety to your wedge game. Can't just have a couple shots with you.

You really need a lot of imagination to it. There is a for example a slope, uphill slope behind and pin and you could use that as one of the shot as your wedge game.

So I feel like I was able to handle that really well and I think I was able to manage.

Q. Only your fourth event of the year, right? Where do you feel you're game is on the right now and is there anything you're still trying to improve and get better at?

MINAMI KATSU: Yes, I feel like my game is in a really good position. I've been striking the ball how I want to. What I'm working right now is my tee shot is kind of going left and right, so especially a golf course like this with a lot of water you really want to manage it well.

So that's something I'm working on right now.

Q. The last one: Ayaka has finished runner-up twice at this course now. Did you talk to her before coming to this event and did she give you any tips and tricks on how to navigate Shadow Creek?

MINAMI KATSU: I wish I could have ask her but didn't really have time to meet with her and talk about it because of different tee times and everything.

Yeah, she's playing great so hopefully I can do the same.

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