Buick LPGA Shanghai

Friday, October 13, 2023

Shanghai, China

Qizhong Garden Golf Club

Danielle kang

Quick Quotes

Q. Danielle, great playing through 36 holes. 9-under par. Game appears in very good shape especially in and around the greens.

DANIELLE KANG: I have hit some good drives. Keep giving myself some good opportunities it be able to hit the second shots and stuff, so game has been feeling good for a little bit.

Best I ever played was -- best I've played this year was probably the Solheim Cup, and from that I'm just getting some momentum from it and giving myself a good chance out here.

Q. Winning year in 2018 and '19; course record holder as well. How thrilled are you to be back after a four-year hiatus?

DANIELLE KANG: I love being here. I like Shanghai a lot. I enjoy the city. I enjoy the golf courses, the people. So I get to see the people I don't get to see throughout the year. But the fans here are great. (Indiscernible) it's like, let's go, and they shout that at me, too, so it's kind of nice.

I just gave myself a lot good opportunities out there today. Didn't feel so great, but, hey, solid 5-under, and I'll take it.

Q. Speaking of... (plane interference.)

DANIELLE KANG: Oh, that was before the round. Before the round. Yeah, I'm sorry. I think she is in Singapore, to be honest, but she wrote me a really nice card and a birthday gift, and I was really thankful for that.

I actually don't have words to express how I feel about it because it was just so thoughtful. I think there are some things that happen probably through the course of your life that make you feel something that you'll remember for the rest of my life, and that's kind of one of my moments. I guess you could say core memory.

Q. Just more about the golf. I know you were saying not exactly feeling the best, but a 5-under round is a 5-under round here. How are you feeling after day two in Shanghai?

DANIELLE KANG: I feel like I am in really good position. I know my golf hasn't been up to par for the past, you know, few -- I mean, this year has not been up to par and I understand that. People have made enough comments about my golf game to understand that, yes, I have not played as good as I should, or that they think I should. There you go.

But I've been working towards feeling good about where I want to be. I feel really good about my swing, the way it feels, and my putter and my wedges are going to be there to try and give me the best opportunities for birdies.

Yeah, I thank Stacy. I feel like Solheim Cup was a turning point in my golf, and I told her to trust in me when I went there before I got there, because I know I haven't been playing as good as before, and I played the best golf all year there.

So I think from that, I'm taking some momentum on and more taking care of myself and feeling good and being ready to play instead of worried about golf. I need to sleep, take care of jet lag, you know, those things are my priority list.

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