Masters Tournament

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Jason Day

Quick Quotes

Q. How was that?

JASON DAY: A little rough actually. I actually played really good pretty much the whole day except for 17 and 18. It was just a little bit of a disappointing finish.

I wanted to kind of come out and get something under par, kind of get myself back in. I honestly don't see it going too -- I mean, I know Scottie's playing some good golf, but it's getting very difficult out there. I don't see it going too far from where it is now.

Q. Definitely a challenge. How is it compared to the previous days? Obviously it's firmer and faster. How is the wind?

JASON DAY: It's still gusting to 30 miles an hour out there. It's kind of strange. In pockets, as you guys know, down in the bottom part like in pockets it blows pretty significant at times, and you've just got to kind of get lucky and hit on the right gust.

Like my one on 12, I didn't think it was going to pull up ever and pulled up short and made double there.

I got on the practice putting green this morning and just felt like it was so firm and fast compared to what we had the previous two days that, if we had any sort of wind, it's going to -- like especially the finish, like the back side, is going to firm up really, really quick.

Q. Jason, your attire is getting even more traction on social media, especially when you're talking about being in the valleys and the wind was whipping and there's a lot there to whip.

JASON DAY: Yeah, there really is (laughter). Kind of like if I'm down -- if it's down breeze, these things puff up pretty quick.

Q. Is it to the point where it affects how you feel golfing? Does it affect your balance at all? Is it hard to get accustomed to?

JASON DAY: I don't think so. Tiger had baggier stuff on in the early 2000s. He did pretty good. I think it's fine.

Q. Have you been receiving anything in your ear, either positive or negative, about it as you traverse?

JASON DAY: To be honest, I don't really listen. I'm just trying to play as good as I can.

Like I'll hear every now and then, but I really don't pay attention to it to be honest. I'm just trying to play good golf. That's all that matters.

Q. Those are pants that are better suited for me than you just in terms of body types. Are they comfortable?

JASON DAY: They're very comfortable. It feels like I've got nothing on really to be honest.

Q. Have you heard any -- is it okay with the green jackets, the designs and the things that you've been wearing? They can be a little bit restrictive.

JASON DAY: Are you talking about like Augusta in general? Yeah, they asked me to take it off -- the vest off yesterday.

Q. The busy one?

JASON DAY: Yeah, the busy one. Respectfully, you do that because it's all about the tournament here, and I understand that. I respect the tournament. That's what we're here to do is try and play and win the green jacket.

Q. Did they explain to you why they'd like you to take it off? The logo is too big?

JASON DAY: I don't know. I didn't ask. They said, can you take it off? I said, yeah, no worries.

Q. Was it a mistake in your mind putting it on yesterday? Or did it do what you were trying to do?

JASON DAY: What was I trying to do? I don't know what I was trying to do.

Q. What were you trying to do?

JASON DAY: I wasn't trying to do anything. They just scripted me in it, and I was wearing it.

Q. That's what happens, you're given your outfits by your sponsors?

JASON DAY: Yeah, they send you the scripting and say, this is what we want you to wear Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and I'm like, okay.

Q. If they asked you to remove it, it came from who?

JASON DAY: It came from Augusta National.

Q. Like a green jacket?

JASON DAY: I don't know if it was a green jacket. I don't know who it was. They asked, and I respectfully took it off.

Q. Looking at the leaderboard today, you were talking about Scottie Scheffler being at the top of it. Cameron Davis, one of the six Australians here is towards the top. Obviously you'd rather see yourself up there, but when you see an Australian name up there, whether it be Davis or Smith.

JASON DAY: Yeah, Smitty is at 2 and Davis is at 4. Cam Davis hits it nice and long. I'm not saying that Smitty doesn't hit is nice and long too. He hits it a good distance too.

Yeah, the back side is always crucial. You've got the two par-5s. You've got the tough 12th and 11th. I can definitely see those guys -- like Cam, I think coming into this event, he hasn't played that well. But obviously you never trust a guy that's playing good or not playing well unless you're named Tiger Woods or Scottie Scheffler right now.

So I definitely see those guys playing some good golf.

Q. You had amazing stuff when you came to this course the first time around. If these guys come to you tomorrow about how to approach a final round...

JASON DAY: They won't come to me, but that's fine.

Q. Would you like them to?

JASON DAY: No. They're playing golf, and they've had success their way. Essentially sometimes, if I give advice, it might be the wrong advice for them. It's best to listen to your own instinct.

Q. On that, you went on your own journey before getting your first taste of a major. In hindsight, what was the big lesson that you kind of learned of what it takes to get that breakthrough moment?

JASON DAY: Are you talking about in major championships, in winning?

Q. Yes.

JASON DAY: Man, it's difficult because everything was flying when I won my first major, but I would essentially say like this golf course is so different compared to all the other major championships we play. The major championships we play, we change golf courses pretty much every year. They're all different lengths and sizes and shapes.

This, it's more of a sometimes we get the scoring years where you can go and shoot low ones, and then there's some scoring years like we have this year where the scoring is like not low. It's difficult.

You have to be very patient. You have to pick and choose where you have to go and plot yourself around and then just try and -- like it's very difficult to make a lot of birdies.

So you've got to try to capitalize the opportunities when you have them, but missing it in the right spot is very key, yeah.

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