Masters Tournament

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Tiger Woods

Quick Quotes

Q. Tiger, what was the biggest challenge you were facing out there today?

TIGER WOODS: The fact that I was not hitting it very good or putting well. I didn't have a very good warmup session, and I kept it going all day today. Just hit the ball in all the places that I know I shouldn't hit it.

And I missed a lot of putts. Easy, makable putts. I missed a lot of them.

Q. Tiger on 9 it looked like that was a painful swing out of the right side there.


Q. Was there any moment that was worse than the others today that caused it to be worse for you the rest of the day?


Q. Was it a lack of maybe mental reps?

TIGER WOODS: I wouldn't say necessarily mental reps. It's just that I haven't competed and played much. When I had chances to get it flipped around and when I made that putt at 5, I promptly three-putted 6 and flub a chip at 7 and just got it going the wrong way, and when I had opportunities to flip it, I didn't.

Q. How much did yesterday wear you out physically?

TIGER WOODS: Oh, yeah, it did.

Q. How about being ready for tomorrow?

TIGER WOODS: My team will get me ready. Club has have been awesome. It will be a long night and a long warmup session, but we'll be ready.

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