Capital One Orange Bowl: Alabama vs Oklahoma

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Quinnen Williams

Alabama Crimson Tide

Q. You guys have had a month, especially the last three semifinals, it's been unreal, no one has run the ball. What is it about having that time? You mentioned you're studying details of the O-line.
QUINNEN WILLIAMS: Just the time that we have. Like you said, we've had a month. We're really a great team when it comes down to watching film and doing what we've got to do and watching film. We had a whole month to watch the film, so we had to make sure we get everything down to a tee, everything down to --

Q. Where does that start? You guys got the iPads with all the stuff --
QUINNEN WILLIAMS: Yeah, we got the iPads and all that stuff, but it just starts in our own minds. It starts in our own heart and our own self because you can give somebody the answers to the test, but they won't use them. I think everybody individually had the mentality in their mind to go watch the film, to go study the details, and like Coach Saban looks at every little last little detail that a team has and every little last tendency that a team has. We get it from him, we've just got to relay it to each other and get it to each other.

Q. Are there guys we haven't heard of yet? When you look at this group, you guys have played a bunch of snaps, hasn't maybe quite been as much of a rotation of guys in there. When next year arrives, is it going to be --
QUINNEN WILLIAMS: Yeah, there's going to be some players.

Q. LaBryan is there, I know.
QUINNEN WILLIAMS: LaBryan Ray, yeah, I think he'll be a great player coming up. He's just got to get his feet wet, just get more confident in what he do. Phidarian Mathis is a very, very good player. He gets the technique down right, getting everything down right so he's able to perform highly. He's been doing great. Stephon Wynn has been doing great, learning the process and learning everything to go along with just playing SEC football. Those guys are the future. Those guys are behind us right now, so in the future they'll be a great player.

Q. You guys have talked about turning this team into a one-dimensional offense. People think that kind of sounds crazy to want Kyler Murray to have the ball in his hands the entire time. What makes you confident that that will work for you?
QUINNEN WILLIAMS: I don't feel like it will work for us. I just feel like that's what you want to do. You don't want to come into a game and have an offense that can do what they want to do. You want an offense that can run or pass the ball. Making them one-dimensional is huge and coming into every game, any game you want to make them one-dimensional. You want to put the ball in the quarterback's hands and make him make decisions on throwing the ball or checking his counts, checking his reads, whatever, so making them one-dimensional is huge.

Q. What's been the difference for the defense having an offense that can (indiscernible)?
QUINNEN WILLIAMS: Nothing is really different. We've just got to execute, make plays, make the plays that the coaches call.

Q. Does it make it difficult? Are you not on the field quite as much because there's more offensive pressure or does it take some of the pressure off?
QUINNEN WILLIAMS: It's not really much pressure. No, we don't really think about that. We really want the offense to score as many points as they can score. It's like our job to stop the other offense, keep the other offense from scoring, so there's not no pressure that our offense is going to score or if they score or they not score, we got their backs and they got our backs.

Q. You knew you had ability, but anything about this season that surprised you or surpassed what you thought you would do?
QUINNEN WILLIAMS: I think the thing -- winning the Outland. I was for sure Jonah Williams was going to win it because I feel like he's the best player I've ever seen. He didn't give up a sack this whole year, so I for sure knew he was going to win it. But when they said I won it, I was like, man, I really didn't win the Outland. Like Jonathan Allen won the Outland. I really look up to Jonathan Allen. I was like, man, that's crazy, know what I'm saying, how I came from being not even playing to like winning the Outland the next year, all in one year from just hard work and just being humble and stuff like that.

Q. Do you feel like the guy you line up across from in practice might win it?
QUINNEN WILLIAMS: We go against each other every day, we battle every day. Just like Ross Pierschbacher. I feel like Ross Pierschbacher is one of the best centers I ever went against, and those guys help me practice every day, help me perform every day, so that's why I knew he was going to do it, and he's been doing it for a long time. He never dropped off. He's just been consistent on his play.

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